Better Days: Another Lost Year Vocalist Clinton Cunanan Talks Music and Touring

???????????Since the release of their debut album “Better Days”, no band has worked harder to deliver its music than Another Lost Year. The band has logged more than 400 dates over the past 18 months; hitting radio just as hard as the road.

Consisting of Clinton Cunanan (vocals) , Adam Hall (guitar), David Whitaker (guitar), Lee Norris (drums), and Andrew Allender (bass), Another Lost Year is generating buzz in the mainstream alternative metal/hard rock arena. And who can blame them? The band is recognized not only for the infectious melodies and hooks, but also for its truthful lyrics and powerful live performances.

In listening to “Better Days” one gets the impression of a veteran band with longevity; a credit to a demanding tour schedule that’s taken the band from Florida to Michigan and pretty much everywhere in between. Another Lost Year’s has already taken home the 2013 Rockwired Radio Music Award for Best Song  [“War On The Inside”] and the song “Writing On The Wall” is currently in rotation on Sirius XM Octane as well as on various other rock stations. The band’s music has also been featured on MTV and Oxygen cable network shows.

I caught up with vocalist Clinton Cunanan to get his thoughts on the album as well as what the future holds for Another Lost Year.

How would you describe the sound of the album?

We’re a little bit of everything. As heavy or as light as you want. Just truthful, emotional rock.

What was the origin for the song “War On The Inside”?

That song comes from a personal struggle for me. I was at a point in my life where I had to decide whether to go “left or right.” I just remember being in a really dark place and felt that no matter which way I went, it was going to be life altering, and once I made the decision there was no turning back. The song was mostly therapy for me, and a means to an end.

Do most of the songs on Better Days have a similar feel?

Some people take pictures to remember events in their lives. Me? I write songs. All of the songs on this album are snapshots of my life. It’s as personal as it can be. Every day we’re faced with decisions: left or right; up or down; deciding upon which way to go. The premise is, we all look for help at times and it’s during those moments when you least expect it, someone comes along and saves you. If I can through it anyone out there can. At the end of the day, I hope we can give somebody hope.

Tell me about the band’s grueling tour schedule.

Last year, we did about 260 dates and took two months off to record the album. This year, we’re on pace to do over 300. A typical day on the road consists of about sixteen hours in a van, five hours at a venue and maybe [if you’re lucky] getting a few hours to sleep here and there [laughs]. We’ve performed in nearly 38 states and are looking at getting overseas in the spring of next year.

What inspired you to get into music?

Eddie and The Cruisers 2 [laughs]. That’s what got me wanting to play guitar when I was nine. Music is what saved my life and is something that I was meant to do. 

What’s next for the band?

We’re already busy writing songs for the next album and are slated to go back into the studio towards the end of October. In the meantime, we’re going to continue to tour. We’ve seen a lot of bands that go out for a few months and then go home, but that’s not really our style. We’ll keep up the grueling schedule and also focus on branching out and helping other bands that are coming up.

Another Lost Year (Photo Credit: CiJay Pikula Imaging)
Another Lost Year (Photo Credit: CiJay Pikula Imaging)

How would you describe the reaction to the new music?

It’s been incredible. We’ve been touring for about twenty months now and it’s amazing to think a bunch of guys from North Carolina can have an album that’s reaching people all over the world. We’ve got people from all walks of life coming up and telling us how the album has saved their life. People who’ve said it’s an album they can listen to front to back. To hear something like that is mind-blowing. It’s really a humbling experience to have people sing every one of your songs every night.

For more info on Another Lost Year be sure to check out their official website by Clicking Here!

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