Interview: Danni X discusses her ethereal new single, ‘Shallow’

Danni Eckstein

Following the breakout success of her sexually-charged debut “LU$T,” singer/songwriter Danni Eckstein (Danni X) is back with her brand-new single; the ethereally-charged, “Shallow.” Blending elements of rock, pop and electronic dance music (EDM), the poetic songstress has created an insatiable, bluesy anthem that exposes the facade of material relationships.

In addition to her new single, Danni X continues to regularly commute from the Denver area to Los Angeles and is currently involved in several projects; including a new track she’s writing with a Grammy-award winning piano player. If her recent track record is any indication, expect this single to be very special as well.

AXS recently spoke with Danni X about the single, “Shallow” and more in this new interview.

AXS: How has the reaction been to your recent single, “LU$T?”

DX: It’s been doing surprisingly well. We’ve already gotten thousands of streams since its release. This next song should expose more people to my music and build upon what I’ve already got going on.

AXS: Can you tell me the origin of your new track, “Shallow?”

DX: It was about a guy in the music industry I dated. It wasn’t so much a relationship as it was me being drawn to the facade he had put on and his influence. At the end of the day, I realized there was just no substance there and he was trying to win me over with material things and titles. That’s how it came about.

Click here to listen to Danni X’s new single, “Shallow.”

AXS: Do random events in your life usually trigger songs?

DX: It depends. I usually get inspired by random concepts. Sometimes, an event will trigger those concepts. There’s also recurring themes in my life that I tend to write about. Being raised as a young female who came from a Catholic upbringing and being subordinated certainly played a part; especially when they told me women can’t be priests. I’m a free spirit and not a conformist. That event inspired the rebel in me. The whole internal struggle of good versus evil. I’m hoping to show more of that side in my work to come.

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Interview with Danni X by Clicking Here!

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