Interview: Narci Regina and Samantha Lyn Parry Discuss Their New New Production, ‘This Is Family’

Coming off a recent sold out performance in Philadelphia, Playhouse West is bringing its acclaimed “This Is Family” to The Royal Theater at the Producer’s Club in New York City May 17-19.

Produced by the multi-talented team of Narci Regina and Samantha Lyn Parry, each five, one-act production is uniquely different, but each has a common thread. That being, the single beating heart of family. All five plays are co-written and/or co-directed by women and deal with issues that include race, homophobia, neglect and forgiveness in poignant, and often comedic, ways.

AXS recently spoke with Narci Regina and Samantha Lyn Parry about “This Is Family” and more in this exclusive new interview.

How did the production of “This Is Family” come together?

Samantha Lyn Parry: It really started with a play that I wrote, “Brothers and Sisters and Husbands and Wives.” It was so personal and meant a lot to me and I knew I wanted to put it on somewhere in Philadelphia. I started looking into one-act festivals but knew that I needed a team and other plays to be a part of it. So, I reached out to people from my school and was amazed to see how many people were enthusiastic about wanting to be a part of it.

What can you tell me about the show and theme for “This Is Family”?

Narci Regina: “This Is Family” is five, one act, all-original plays written by students at Playhouse West. Each act reflects different themes of family. There are traditional families and non-traditional families as well as comedy and drama.

SLP: There are so many different forms of family out there, and this show is about what constitutes a family nowadays.

How would describe the stories of your one act play?

SLP: “Brothers and Sisters and Husbands and Wives” is one that I’m directing. It’s the story about a husband and wife and their two kids (a brother and sister) who get together for the holidays. A fight breaks out between them because none of them are able to communicate with each other. It follows the family and what happens to them.The other play, “As I Am”, is one that I wrote and star in and tells the story about a gay couple. My character has never told my mom about me being gay, and my girlfriend is upset with me because I can’t come to terms with who I am. It’s about the need to be comfortable with yourself in order to be in a relationship with someone else.

NR: My one act, “Home”, is a story I co-wrote with Bethany Sketchley. It’s about two sisters that were abandoned by their mom at a young age. It talks about their relationship with each other growing up in a group home and the different ideologies they have. A secret is revealed in the one-act that may ruin their relationship.

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Interview: Vixen bassist Share Ross goes in depth on new project, Twin Flames Radio

Vixen bassist, Share Ross describes her new project with husband Bam, Twin Flames Radio, as a love affair from the heart and a crime of passion. The album, more than a decade in the making, draws from the duo’s eclectic 1970s musical sentiment; with a lush, layered production as well as a multitude of harmonic-laden and hooky songs.

Case in point is the infectious track, “Peace & Love & Rock & Roll,” a song with a relevant, anthemic chorus complete with a John Lennon-esque “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” refrain performed by members of The School of Rock. Twin Flames Radio also has its share of musical guests, which includes Tyketto guitarist, Chris Green and Vixen’s Janet Gardner,

With Twin Flames Radio, Ross – already well-known for her work in Vixen as well as 90’s super-group, Contraband, Bubble and more recently, as bassist in Joe Elliot’s Down ‘n’ Outz, and Bam (Bubble, Jo Dog & The Desperados) have created an album that combines the best elements of 70’s rock and pop with a polished, 21st century charm.

AXS recently spoke with Share Ross about Twin Flames Radio and more in this new interview.

AXS: How did the Twin Flames Radio project come about?

Share Ross: It was something that’s been happening for a really long time. Bam and I have had a band, Bubble, since the nineties. But after we moved to Florida and started playing again, we discovered that our songwriting had changed. The songs we wrote just didn’t fit the “Bubble” wrapping, so many of them sat for a really long time. It took a bold step to make this project, but we were committed to it.

AXS: What was the songwriting process like?

SR: It was all over the place. I’m one of those people who believes that you don’t actually write a song. You have a muse and the song is given to you. A lot of what you hear on the album was actually recorded during the writing process. In fact, 75% of the original vocals on the song, “Got That Thing” were made up on the spot. Other songs, like “Peace & Love & Rock and Roll” began with Bam just sitting down with the guitar.

AXS: You mentioned “Peace & Love & Rock & Roll.” What else can you tell me about it?

SR: Lyrically, it’s written from the stand point of still being here with all of our friends. We’re all older than we ever thought we’d be, and we’re still doing things in music. The musical approach was very interesting. As we were writing we kept thinking, Ok, what Would [David] Bowie do? What would T-Rex do? What would Big Star do? It was a totally conscious decision.

AXS: How did the kids from The School of Rock get involved on the track?

SR: There’s a point in the song where I had the idea of having the vocal part sound like John Lennon’s “Happy Xmas (War is Over).” Bam and I knew that we wouldn’t be able to sing it like little kids, so I thought of the School Of Rock. We went down there with microphones and five adorable girls sang it. It was really cool.

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AXS Premiere: Guitarist Christie Lenée Unveils Her Infectious Cover of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Castle On The Hill’

Christie Lenée, the 2017 International Fingerstyle Guitar Champion has been wowing audiences with her guitar wizardry. Through the use of harmonics and tapping, Lenée’s infectious style utilizes all parts of the guitar and combines elements of folk, rock and pop into one tasty and eclectic musical stew.

Lenée’s brand new video, a cover of Ed Sheeran’s hit, “Castle On The Hill” showcases the guitarist at her finest.

AXS recently spoke with Lenée about her new video and more in this exclusive interview.

AXS: What made you decide to do a version of Ed Sheeran’s “Castle On The Hill”?

Christie Lenée: I don’t do covers very often, but that song really hits home for me. It’s one of those songs I wish that I had written. Throughout high school, you grow up in different crowds. Some people become doctors; get into music, or find themselves becoming stars on Broadway, while others die at a young age from going down the wrong roads. There’s a feeling of freedom and hope and remembering the good times in that song. I love the symbolism and thinking about what could’ve been or what might have happened if you went down another road. It can be interpreted in a lot of different ways.

AXS: How do you approach taking the original version of the song and transposing it into your style of playing?

CL: I’ll start out by first learning the song the original way. Next, I’ll listen to the bass and other instruments to hear what everything in the song is doing. Then, I’ll figure out things to emulate what I’m hearing, using open strings and tunings that fill in the bassline and chords. The biggest challenge is often figuring out what key to sing it in, especially if it’s a male voice. In this case, Ed sings in a lower octave and then in the chorus, he sings it up high.

Click here to listen to  Lenée’s version of “Castle On The Hill”.

AXS: How would you describe your style of music?

CL: I’ve always described it as what it would be like if Joni Mitchell, Michael Hedges and Dave Matthews had a child [laughs]. They’ve all been a huge influence on me. My favorite thing to do is combining the tapping style into contemporary music and seeing how they can work together. I’m constantly working toward integrating those sounds together.

AXS: Is this song part of a large project you’re working on?

CL: This is the beginning of a series of songs I’m putting out that will eventually lead up to an entire album. Each song will have a video to go along with it, and when everyone is familiar with them, I’ll release an album along with a few other surprises!

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Interview: The Darkness’ Frankie Poullain discusses band’s North American Tour de Prance and new album, ‘Pinewood Smile’

Photo: Simon Emmett

Multi-award winning English rockers The Darkness have recently kicked off the North American leg of their Tour de Prance. The new tour is in support of their critically acclaimed fifth album, Pinewood Smile, which was released last fall.

The new album, produced by Grammy Award winning Adrian Bushby, is the band’s most infectious and guitar-driven album to date and features anthemic tracks like “All The Pretty Girls” and “Japanese Prisoner of Love” as well as the catchy, groove-fueled “Solid Gold”.

The Darkness is: Justin Hawkins (vocals / guitar), Dan Hawkins (guitar), Frankie Poullain (bass) and Rufus Tiger Taylor (drums).

AXS recently spoke with bassist, Frankie Poullain about the band’s tour and album in this fun new interview.

AXS: What can fans North American expect from The Darkness’ Tour de Prance?

Frankie Poullain: Wham! Bam! Thank you glam!

AXS: How would you describe the album, Pinewood Smile in terms of its sound and maybe how it relates to some of the band’s previous work?

FP: It’s equal parts silly and heartfelt. Like life itself, minus the regrets.

AXS: What is The Darkness’ writing process like? Does it begin with a melody? A hook? 

FP: Catching the big fish as David Lynch says. A hook is crucial. Then, we throw them back in the water when we play them live.

AXS: What inspires you personally when you write and create?

FP: I provide the chips to accompany the fish, or fries as you yanks would call them. And I sprinkle over the malt vinegar which you lot miss out on. Ketchup or mayo on fish and chips is an utter disgrace.

AXS: I’d like to ask you about a few tracks from Pinewood Smile and get your thoughts on them, starting with the “Solid Gold”.

FP: It’s a song about how ridiculous and delusional and magical it is to play in a rock n roll band. With a chorus lyric, “And We’re Never Gonna Stop Sh#ttin’ Out Solid Gold”, which encapsulates those delusions.

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Interview: Lita Ford talks new tour, music and career highlights

Photo: Shovelhead Studios

With a career that began as a member of The Runaways in the mid-seventies and culminated with a hugely successful career both as a solo artist and guitar legend, Lita Ford has earned the title of rock royalty. Even Marshall Amplification and Guitar Player magazine nominated Ford as a certified legend and the First Lady of Rock Guitar at a recent NAMM show.

With more than a dozen albums under her belt and showing no signs of ever slowing down, Ford is currently out on the road celebrating her musical career as well as prepping for several new projects.

AXS recently spoke with her about her new tour, career, guitars and music in this exclusive interview.

AXS: What can fans expect from your new tour this year?

Lita Ford: It’s a really fun show; filled with power, energy and great musicians. The team I’ve put together is so good and so tight. Even in the middle of the fastest song we play we’ve got breaks; and they’re so spot on, it’s like a machine.

AXS: This year marks the 35th anniversary of your debut solo album, Out For Blood. What was your mindset like going into that first record? Were there any nerves?

LF: I get nervous about other things, but as far as playing guitar, making music and going on stage goes, I just do what I want to do and don’t even think about it. I’ve always had the attitude that if you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself. It’s something that’s always stuck with me. As far as that first album, I was just being myself and wrote down what was happening in my life at the time. It was incredibly easy. The music and lyrics flowed out of me like someone slit your wrist and your blood was gushing out [laughs].

AXS: The Lita album from 1988 was another memorable album. What are some of your best memories of that time?

LF: I wrote an autobiography that actually explains it all [“Living Like A Runaway”]. I wrote it myself because no one else could dictate what I went through with that album – the highs and lows, the fights and all the fun we had. It was a really great time. It’s a great album and the fans certainly haven’t forgotten it.

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Interview: Comedian Kathleen Madigan talks ‘Boxed Wine & Bigfoot’ standup tour, career

Photo: Luzena Adams

With more than two dozen appearances on late-night television to coincide with sold out standup performances and riding along with Jerry Seinfeld on an episode of his hit Netflix show, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”, it’s safe to say that Kathleen Madigan is the quintessential comedian.

The bawdy, warm-hearted Madigan is currently riding the wave of success from her sixth album, “Bothering Jesus,” which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Comedy Charts in 2016 and is taken from the Netflix special of the same name.

Madigan is currently on the road in support of her coast to coast, 32-date, “Boxed Wine & Bigfoot” tour. AXS recently spoke with her about her new tour, her career and more in this new interview.

AXS: What can fans expect from your “Boxed Wine & Bigfoot” Tour?

Kathleen Madigan: More of what I’ve been doing for the past thirty years. It’s different material, but the same subjects. Things that make for a big bar conversation I have with myself.

AXS: How would you describe your brand of comedy?

KM: It’s very conversational, or as Lewis Black would say, “A lady with a lot of opinions and very deep facts.” [laughs].

AXS: Where do you draw inspiration for your material?

KM: It comes from everyday life but also current events and what’s in the news. For example, it’s hard for me to believe that an airplane with 239 people on it can go missing, and everyone is kind of cool with it. It’s crazy to say that we’ve lost our planes. That’s an acceptable statement to make about a boat in 1492, but not in today’s world.

Another thing is UFOs. I recently read an article online where two American Airlines pilots; another plane and the control tower all said they saw a UFO flying above them. Every bit of it is online, including the conversations from the control tower. What I don’t understand is why that’s not the lead story on the news. Stormy Daniels is a porn star on Earth. These people are saying that there are people who aren’t from Earth ON Earth! [laughs].

AXS: What would you say is the biggest challenge of doing standup comedy these days?

KM: Current events and politics. It was never really a problem until Donald [Trump] came along. I’m not a political person, and I still have my Bush and Obama jokes. But, for some reason, Trump has divided the teams so clearly that each side feels so passionate it’s almost personal. I could talk about Mitt Romney all day long, but no one would ever come to his defense to the point where they’d be willing to throw their life on the line. Whether you’re left, right or somewhere in the middle, it’s never conjured up this level of craziness.

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Interview: Firehouse guitarist Bill Leverty discusses new singles, ‘Love is Like A Song’ & ‘Memorable’

Photo: Ross Olson

Firehouse guitarist, Bill Leverty, recently surprised fans by releasing not one, but two brand new singles. The metaphoric, “Love Is Like A Song” and the Seventies, funk-infused, “Memorable.”

Leverty already has a proven track record of releasing eclectic, hook-laden singles, including “The Bloom is Off The Rose,” “The Heart Heals The Soul” and “Strong,” as well as his more recent, melodic rock inspired track, “You’re A Natural.” These two new songs continue to expand his catalog of groove-ridden, sing along material with tasty guitar work.

Both “Love Is Like A Song” and “Memorable” feature Leverty on lead vocals as well as guitar, bass and keyboards. Fellow Firehouse member, Michael Foster, also contributes drums to the cause. Both songs are now available from Leverty’s website.

Leverty and Firehouse are kicking off another year of extensive touring. AXS recently spoke with him about his new singles, Firehouse and more in this new interview.

AXS: There’s been a resurgence in popularity in band’s like Firehouse over the last few years. To what do you credit the band’s longevity?

Bill Leverty: Give credit to the fans. Because if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be able to play. I remember back in the early to mid-nineties, when grunge hit, it was a tough time for bands like ours to get airplay and gigs. Fortunately, we had a hit with the song, “I Live My Life For You,”which sustained us here and overseas. We’re grateful that we have a bunch of loyal fans that have stuck with us. Now we’re feeling a resurgence and a cross generational section of fans. We’ve got kids buying tickets as well as their parents and grandparents It’s really cool to see such a wide age variety come out when we perform.

AXS: What’s your songwriting process like?

BL: I wish I could say that I have a formula. The truth is, I’ll take it any way that I can get it [laughs]. Anytime that I get inspiration; whether it’s from a vocal melody, guitar riff or lyrical idea, I try to record it in some way. I also do a lot of practice, so I’m always keeping an open mind to see what ideas come out of my head and heart and not just my fingers. I sing a lot and am always developing a lyric or melody that’s in my head. More often than not, it’s the chorus or hook that comes first, and it was no exception for these two songs. Both came from a chorus idea, and I developed them from there.

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