Maybe It’s Just Me: Post Hurricane Edition

Starting a new feature here on the blog this morning called “Maybe It’s Just Me”. Just some observations and conclusions I’ve drawn regarding things I’ve noticed. Things I believe warrant some attention, but then again – maybe it’s just me.

First of all, let me just say how grateful I am to every one of the local news and weather outlets for warning people and keeping them in the know about Hurricane Sandy.; the huge storm that swept through the northeast where I live.

There’s little doubt that their coverage and timely warnings of the impending storm allowed plenty of time to prepare and saved many lives. Sadly though, many portions of the New Jersey coastline (including portions of the boardwalk that generations of people have enjoyed) was completely destroyed. Although it will eventually be rebuilt, things will never again be the same.

One thing always puzzles me in the aftermath of these storms; whether it be a nor’easter, a hurricane or the combination of the two, as was in this case.

In the days following the destruction, there’s always an abundance of reporters from local news organizations swarming like bees to “ground zero” just to broadcast live from the ravaged area. Some of these people are major news anchors who leave their cushy jobs in the studio in order to report directly from the “front lines”. As they show non stop footage of wrecked homes and fallen trees and speak with people whose lives will never again be the same, it really starts to bother me.

Rather than standing in waist deep water all day watching people pick up the pieces of what used to be their home or hoping cameras are rolling when yet another transformer blows, wouldn’t it be nice to instead see these poncho wearing, logo adorned ball capped reporters provide some assistance to the relief effort?

Let’s be real here, I’m not talking about moving cars, fixing power lines or rebuilding homes. But how about grabbing a rake, picking up some branches and putting them in a pile or bringing coffee to workers who are already involved. Just once I’d love to see some video footage of that instead of shoving a camera in someone’s face and asking them how they feel now that their house is floating down the street.

Would it hurt for just once to see these storm chasers actively participating in the clean-up rather than just standing around reporting on other people’s misery?

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

If you can, please donate to either The United Way, The Red Cross or the Salvation Army. Time, blood, cash. Everyone can do something.

4 thoughts on “Maybe It’s Just Me: Post Hurricane Edition”

  1. Of course, says the cynic, if they actually did that they would be accused of pandering to the camera. And though I despise the fact that they ask those types of stupid questions, at least the story is being told.

    Thanks for including the shout out to the charities. So many of my Jersey peeps are in a real bad way.


    1. You’re probably right about the pandering. What if they showed a separate story of them delivering supplies in the NBC news van?

      The one thing I really don’t get is why when there is a big storm all of a sudden it’s top priority for the main news anchors to go on the scene instead of the ones who are out there every day.

      Glad to give a shout out. every little bit helps.

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