Guitar World: Gina StileTalks JSRG, Vixen, Thunderbox and Her Twisted Sister Connection

Share Ross, Roxy Petrucci, Janet Gardner and Gina Sile of JSRG
Left to Right: Share Ross, Roxy Petrucci, Janet Gardner and Gina Stile of JSRG

Gina Stile has been involved in several successful projects over the years including the 80’s bands Poison Dollys and Envy. She’s opened for Aerosmith on a string of dates, had an album produced by Dee Snider of Twisted Sister and her current all-female project, Thunderbox is generating a lot of buzz in the New York area. In addition to all of her success, she’s also one hell of a guitar player.

In the mid 90’s (and after the break-up of the band Vixen), Stile began working on a new project with drummer Roxy Petrucci and singer Janet Gardner. Although never intended to be labeled ‘Vixen’ because of its heavier edge, the new music nevertheless became known and was toured as the “Tangerine” album.

In 2012, Stile was already busy with Thunderbox when she was again approached by Gardner, Petrucci and now former Vixen bassist Share Ross about forming the new project, JSRG. With the line-up intact, Stile is performing with Petrucci and Gardner for the first time in 14 years. I spoke with her about the new project as well as her playing and her other heavier edged group, Thunderbox.


Read the full Guitar World article, see pics and watch the new Thunderbox video by Clicking Here

For more info on Gina Stile and her current projects:

JSRG Facebook page:
Thunderbox official webpage:

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