Bin Laden Might Declare Victory Posthumously

When I got word that US special forces had invaded a small town in Pakistan and killed 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden I had mixed emotions. Certainly I was glad that the man who spear-headed the deaths of 3000+ Americans on a Tuesday morning in September 2001 had gotten what he deserved, albeit almost ten years later.  Looking at the state of our economic situation the last few years, however; I’m concerned our declaring full victory may be a bit pre-mature.

Early next week, unless our elected officials can come to some last-minute agreement to raise the debt ceiling, the United States will be unable to pay its bills for the first time in our history. This embarrassment will send shock waves through out the world as interest rates rise and much-needed programs are no longer funded. This is not the time nor place for the people we elected and sent to Washington to be unable to come together and reach the very basic of decisions for the good of the nation.

One solution that was thrown out to alleviate the impasse was to create some sort of “Super-Congress” composed of equal members of republicans and democrats that would spear head legislation of this type through.

Do you mean to tell me that in the 236 years this country has been around we now suddenly need to create a separate committee to deal with the most basic of needs? Has it really come to this? These people, and I mean ALL of Congress, need to stop worrying about the 2012 election and get this thing resolved and pronto.

This whole thing sort of reminds me of the recently ended NFL lockout. All of last season it was on the minds of everyone. Broadcasters and sports pundits all claiming that there may be no football next year when the owners “lock” the players out once the season is over.  Sure enough, as predicted, there was an lockout with both sides blaming each other.

It’s puzzling to me why the people making the decisions almost always wait until disaster before doing the right thing.  Everyone knew football was going to be affected but no one did anything about it until after it was too late. And, in true football form, Congress has been flirting with this issue for months and only until recently decided to take the ball and try to run with it. Quite frankly, I think our economy is more important than pig skin.

Back to my original point on Osama Bin Laden and pre mature victory. It’s good to keep in mind that the terrorist mastermind’s game plan from the beginning was not to keep bombing populated buildings and mass transit lines until we as a society surrendered.  No, his real intention was to have us fight the threat using all resources possible until we were bankrupt.

Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for ten years, the heightened alerts and extra scrutiny at our air and sea ports, the greed of Wall Street investors, the bail out of the auto industry, our involvement in the Egypt and Libyan crisis are just some of the things that have put all the pieces in order.

Today our country is faced with defaulting on its obligations. Sounds exactly like a long-range plan the creep from the cave would have relished had he lived to see now doesn’t it? So let’s do the right thing and make sure his cronies don’t declare victory on his behalf.

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2 thoughts on “Bin Laden Might Declare Victory Posthumously”

  1. Too true, James. I wish our politicians would do their jobs and earn their paychecks. I am extremely disappointed in the no-compromise House of Representatives. These guys have the nerve to blame the President when the last time I checked, legislation is supposed to start in the House. Everybody’s trying to blame somebody else. If these folks are representative of our nation, it is a sad state of affairs here indeed!

  2. I hope he invokes the 14th Amendment. I could really use another year of wasted effort as the radicals try to impeach him. I only wonder what the radical right would say if this was happening during the Bush years? My guess is that we would be hearing about how the liberals are trying to destroy our economy while our troops are in harms way. And the Democrats are just as bad….FIX IT!!

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