Actor Ser’Darius Blain Discusses Camp X-Ray, Sundance and The Art Of Making Movies

SerDariusActor Ser’Darius Blain has a lot to celebrate this year. Already well-known for his work in the ‘Footloose’ remake as well as commercial and television roles, the talented actor will be attending this year’s Sundance Film Festival to promote his latest film “Camp X-Ray.”

Written and directed by Peter Sattler, “Camp X-Ray” is a military drama starring Kristen Stewart based on the “temporary” facility at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. Blain plays the role of Raymond Jackson, a country boy who’s all business when it comes to work.

In addition to “Camp X-Ray” Blain can also be seen in the upcoming films “When The Game Stands Tall” and “Maybe Someday.”

I had the chance to speak to him about his films, his acting and what he likes most about making movies.

How would you describe the story of “Camp X-Ray”?

It tells the story of a soldier who comes to a really rough prison and is taught how to stand up for what she believes is right at any cost. Along the way, she gains some friends and also makes a few enemies, but the story itself sheds light on everyone’s humanity and the notion that we as humans all need the same thing. 

Tell me a little about your character, Raymond Jackson.

Jackson is the fun-loving goof ball of the bunch, but when it comes to work he’s all business and definitely does his job to the letter. He’s all about camaraderie and doing what’s best for the group. It’s a pretty heavy story, but my character brings some light to it.

What was it like working with Kristen Stewart in the film?

Getting the chance to work with Kristen one on one was an amazing experience. She’s one of those people who really knows everything about her character. She’s always prepared, very down to Earth and the consummate professional. She’s so easy to work with.

As an actor, what’s it like to have your film premiere at Sundance?

It’s incredibly rewarding to get to go to Sundance. So many great, notable films have come out of there since Robert Redford established it. I’m excited to see what happens next.

Tell me about how you go into acting.

I was super shy as a kid, but was always good at writing and literature. My mom was an English and drama teacher at my middle school and one year I helped her write a play. I remember I had memorized the entire script and was goofing off in the kitchen singing all the lines when she asked me to audition for it in front of a panel. I was reluctant at first but she made me do it and I wound up being chosen as the understudy for the lead character. Throughout high school and college I did some community theater and eventually wound up getting a scholarship to New York Conservatory For The Arts. From there, I never looked back.

What do you like most about doing film work as compared to television and commercial roles?

In film, your character is built within the parameters of a two and a half hour movie and the cool thing about it is that your performance can become “immortalized.” I say that because a good movie today is going to be a good movie twenty years from now as people continue to watch it over and over. The other thing is that you get to build awesome relationships and learn to cherish the special moments.

What can you tell me about your next film, “When The Game Stands Tall”?

When I first saw the script, I knew right away that it was a role for me. Think of it as “Friday Night Lights” meets “Remember The Titans” meets “When The Game Stands Tall.” You’ll laugh a little and cry a lot, but it’s going to make you stronger. Its one of those true heart-felt, human stories.

What other projects have you been working on?

I’ve recently completed an indie film called “Maybe Someday.” It’s a zany comedy about a guy whose daughter comes back from the future to tell him that he sucks as a father in the future. So he first has to find find out who her mother is and then figure out how he can fix his life. I play the part of Skip, his best friend and therapist. In addition to that, I’m also working on writing my own projects as well. I really want to forge a path and make the most out what God has given me with this opportunity to act.

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2 thoughts on “Actor Ser’Darius Blain Discusses Camp X-Ray, Sundance and The Art Of Making Movies”

  1. Looking forward to how Camp X-ray would be be received. As Peter Sattler (Camp’s Director) said, he wanted “people to feel something. That they came out the other side of Gitmo and were forever changed by it. That they either love it or hate it”

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