A Farewell To Davy Jones

I never met Davy Jones. Never even saw him perform in concert for that matter. And yet somehow I still felt a sense of loss when word of his death reached me yesterday.

Quite frankly, before The Monkees I used to think that Davy Jones was just the guy who owned the locker everyone from Popeye to Captain Jack Sparrow talked about. Little did I know he could sing, dance and act with the best of them.

I still remember watching his antics on the show and longed to be like him. The guy with the good looks and boyish charm who could sing anything and woo any woman. Someone who was immortal to me. Until yesterday.

But rather than just post a blurb remembering the show, his records and just saying “goodbye” I’d rather write about Davy from a bit of a different angle. Specifically, from his role as himself on the Brady Bunch forty years ago.

When I first saw the episode with Davy and Marsha Brady it really struck a nerve. In the episode, Marsha had promised her friends that she would get Davy Jones to sing at her prom. She eventually tracks him down to the recording studio and actually manages to get inside and watch him record.

Girl. Look What You’ve Done To Me.
Me, And My Whole World.

As the producer begins scolding her Marsha makes her plea that Davy had promised her he would perform if ever he was in town. Davy, who over hears the conversation, later shows up at Marsha’s house and promises to perform at her prom. He even goes so far as asking her to be his date and gets a kiss for his efforts. And what boy wouldn’t want a kiss from Marsha Brady?

Although fictitious, the storyline of celebrities helping “normal” folks still resonates even today.

Just recently a young man who has been suffering from leukemia asked country music star Taylor Swift to be his date for the prom. Swift was unable to make the date so instead asked him to accompany her to the Academy of Country Music Awards.

We could sure use more people using their celebrity status for noble causes. The world would be a much better place.

I believe Davy Jones was much more than just a singer, a locker or a Monkee. In an odd sort of way I think he may also have been a trendsetter as well.

Godspeed Davy Jones.

4 thoughts on “A Farewell To Davy Jones”

  1. Love that you wrote a post about Davy as well. I was never into The Brady Bunch (too much family for me) so I never saw the episode with Davy Jones…although I was aware of it. But indeed that storyline, just like so many of the ‘plots’ from The Monkees shows actually did have a message. No matter who you are, you can help someone else.

    From what I have heard about the man, in real life he was the same way. He would give you the shirt off his back. While most of us hadn’t thought of him in a long time, it doesn’t lessen the sadness in any way.

    Just another singer in the heavenly choir…a song & dance man at that.


  2. I think you can watch the part about the recording studio on You Tube.

    It struck me funny with all the celebrities going as guests to military dances and helping out others. Reminds me so much of that episode.

    I too hadn’t thought of him in a long time. You kind of think he’ll just be around forever.

  3. Go on Richard Marx website and read his blog about meeting Davy Jones twice, once when he was just a child. Very touching.

    Davy was just at Mohegan Sun, about 1.5hrs away from me in January. I was so disappointed I couldn’t go. Now it makes me sad. All these wonderful artists gone. So sad!!!

    1. That was an awesome blog. So very cool to have a story like that to tell. I often regret not having seen these artists too. They seem to come around every year and I never go, always just assuming they’ll always be around. 😦

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