My Apologies

I’m sorry to have to write this. No, really I am. I just can’t take it anymore and I really thought you should know. It’s not for anything you or I did personally. I just feel the need to apologize for what we as a society have become.

Yesterday I noticed an article on the home page of the website that made me cringe. With all the issues going on in this world: The republican debates, the Occupy Wall Street bunch (no matter which side of the fence you’re on), the Iranian assassination attempt, the wars… take your pick or make up your own. The list goes on and there’s a plethora of topics that should be discussed.

But with all of these issues facing us as Americans what was the top story yesterday afternoon on Susan Sarandon making comments about the Pope and calling him a Nazi and how Catholics have demanded she apologize.

Susan Sarandon?? You mean the chick from the Thelma and Louise movie? The woman who used to be some what relevant when she was married to Tim Robbins and who now peddles the benefits of drinking milk? THIS was the headline that was more important than anything else?

I’m sure some of you would tell me that because she is famous and has a bunch of “followers” she should therefore say she’s sorry for her words but I beg to differ. The fact of the matter is, she knew what she was going to say and what might happen but chose to say it anyway. So let the chips fall where they may.

Why should she apologize if that’s how she really feels? I say crucify her if you must. If you feel passionate about it then how about not going to see her movies or maybe boycotting milk in your cereal for the next week as a sign of protest? Sounds silly right? So does having her standing in front of dozens of tv cameras saying she’s sorry for her words or having her work soup kitchens in the Catholic church. Is that really going to change the way she feels? Is her doing this going to make it “all better”? Hardly.

Here’s something else to consider: I think the real issue here isn’t so much about her hateful words. It’s the fact that members of the media tend to use calls for half-hearted apologies and “reform” methods just to further embarrass and promote their own agenda rather than rehabilitate.

Why else would a “news” story about a left-leaning liberal like Susan Sarandon be front and center on the right leaning “Fox” website? Ironically, some of the same people who are railing against Ms. Sarandon’s words and would get their jollies reading about her turmoil have themselves probably called President Obama a Nazi at some point.

So, I’m sorry for having to put you through this. I’m sorry if you think people who make comments like these will change feelings they’ve held all of their lives overnight. I tend to believe that it might be quite a while before Ms. Sarandon apologizes for her ugly comments and quite frankly, that doesn’t bother me.

I mean, heck I’m still waiting for my Mom to apologize to me for lying about Santa Claus.

2 thoughts on “My Apologies”

  1. apology accepted… just so you know jim ,there’s no easter bunny ,or tooth fairy either,but the GRINCH is for real !!!!!!!! he’s the devil …i think susan surandon told me !!!lol love ya

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