The Rock & Roll Hall of Shame

Is there anyone who cares at all about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame anymore? A shrine that supposedly celebrates music but over the years has turned into one huge joke.

Late last year a lot of brouhaha was made when it was announced that Guns N Roses was going to be one of the acts to be enshrined.

Anyone whose had a pulse in the music industry over the last twenty years already knows that the classic line-up of this band has literally HATED each other for years. In fact, I believe that since it was formed in 1985 the band has gone through almost two dozen different members.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the classic GnR line-up. But let’s be real here folks: if the Hall’s whole intention was to try to have these guys reunite on stage, play again and suddenly come to their senses and get back together, they’re sadly mistaken.

And that poses the question:

Why even have a music award ceremony recognizing a half-dozen acts and none of the inductees even wants to play together?

Yesterday guitarist Slash, a staple of the band in its early inception and one of the first to leave at the height of its success due to drama, told a reporter that the band will NOT reunite and play at the induction ceremony. In fact, he’s not even sure if his “old buddy” Axl Rose was even going to attend. He only “assumed” that he would. What does that tell you?

But the thing that really gets me was when Slash nonchalantly told the reporter that he hates “formal” ceremonies and the honor of being inducted with the likes of Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton hasn’t even sunk in.

He’s on par with LEGENDS and he feels NOTHING?…It just goes to show you how much of a farce the whole thing has become. It’s meaningless.

The Hall inducts bands like Guns N Roses but ignores way more deserving artists. Consider just a few of these bands that are NOT in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:


Whether you personally like any of these bands or not you have to admit that the successes they’ve achieved over the years equally match what Guns n Roses did. And in every case these bands are far more deserving because they’ve been doing it longer.

And my guess is, if you inducted any of them and asked them to perform with the most classic line-up they probably would without question. I think they’d probably be honored to. Go figure.

It will be interesting to see if the classic Guns N Roses can put aside their differences and take us where the green grass and pretty girls are one more time. But even if they did do the impossible there’s one thing I know for sure:

I won’t be watching.

10 thoughts on “The Rock & Roll Hall of Shame”

  1. Indeed. You know I’ve had a bone to pick with the R&R HOF. Just this year alone…no Heart, no Joan Jett & the Blackhearts. For body of work alone GnR before Heart…are you kidding me? Add longevity, number of hits, stage performance…these are kick-ass women who broke through the boy’s club barrier.

    Getting my BP going too early in the morning. Need to put on some tunes…most likely one of your list who isn’t worthy to be in the Hall of Shame.


  2. I agree with you. You mean to say that The Beastie Boys and Chili Peppers are more deserving than Heart? Please…

    And what about KISS? 100 MILLION RECORDS sold and not in the Hall? Those guys had the greatest gimmick EVER in the 1970’s. No one even knew who the hell they were in real life. I hope that the day they finally do decide to induct them the whole bands gives them one big middle finger.

  3. Well said Jim! Guess its too much to ask that they think about the fans who put them there. Just PERHAPS they would like to see/hear them perform together again. And, how about being appreciative that they were selected for the hall??? Unbelievable the arrogance and down right stupidity! Someone needs to tell them….”suck it up and grow up”!

    As far as the hall goes…..their choices baffle the mind. Can’t even wrap my brain around that mess. Sad…..

  4. I totally agree. I mean, Neil Diamond and ABBA are both influential artists but please… ahead of KISS and RUSH??

  5. It’s interesting, I just saw an episode of That Metal Show where they were discussing this topic and I have to agree. Does G n R deserve to be in the Hall of Fame? I think so, but certainly bands like Journey and Heart deserve it at least as much if not more. I think they need more transparency in the voting process and maybe more fan involvement. After all, no band would be where they are today without their fans.

  6. You make a good point. Besides, surely there should be a certain criteria to qualify an artist (s) the be inducted, and all of those who meet this, should be. Then I would even go further and to ask why even have a hall of fame. In my view, just because an artist or band has not sold millions of records, it does not make them undeserving or any less as good as those who have. We equate record sales with talent, but if you look at Lady Gaga or Justin Beiber, one can see that commercial success is not necessarily based on talent, but more on giving the sheep like public a monotonous beat and catchy tunes and then get the media behind you. With this in mind, how is it then decided who gets inducted into the HOF and who misses out? GnR were a brilliant band, oozing with talent. Yes, perhaps they do deserve it. However, there are more deserving bands. With this in mind, the HOF becomes a bit of a farce.

    1. I agree with you Mark. I believe the only real rules for eligibility are “musical excellence” and 25 years since the first album was released. But I doubt the selection committee even looks at that. And who are the people who decide? Were they around when some of these older acts were performing? Does a 30 year old get to decide if Donovan should be in the Hall of Fame over RUSH?

  7. Rush is only behind the Beatles and Rolling Stones for number of Gold or platinum records. They have influenced many bands. Now I would only be upset if and showed up as the RRHOF was once respectful but is now to me an embbarising joke. You have 3 musicians who are considered at the top of the food chain for there respective instruments. I am really curious as to who are the decision makers for they should be put on the spot for there decisions and lack of.

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