Saturday Night Fever

I guess its kind of fitting that I found out about it on a Saturday afternoon.

I had just sat down at my computer and started perusing the various news sites. I like to read the entertainment tabloids first if for no better reason than to see ridiculous stories about  J-Lo renting a beach or if some other celebrity got popped for drunk driving.

That’s when I read the news.

Robin Gibb is in the hospital suffering from a variety of maladies. Cancer of the colon and liver being one of them. His family making a bedside vigil hoping for recovery. Robin’s twin brother Maurice died unexpectedly back in 2003 and now, the possibility that 2/3 of the Bee Gees might be gone suddenly became a reality.

For a moment I thought about closing my web browser. I guess I believed that somehow  me doing that would magically make it disappear and everything would be as it were just a minute ago.

But I read on. And it was like a punch in the stomach.

Having myself lost my own father to the disease 15 years ago I can personally relate to what their family is going through now. I quickly re-lived everything that I went through during my father’s last days. How all of the wishful thinking, prayers and hopes that somehow, the sickest man in the entire hospital would somehow pull through just wasn’t enough.

Worse still, the news of Robin’s possible final hours only reminded me of my own mortality.

I recalled how carefree I was as an eight-year old boy back in 1977 when Stayin’ Alive was on the radio. How I went to my cousin’s house to listen to all of those cool songs from the soundtrack on his stereo. Or how I used to beg my Mom and Dad to take me to see Saturday Night Fever but was only laughed to scorn because of the “R” rating. It sure was fun being a kid during the height of the disco age.

I can’t even remember the last time I listened to that entire album. I may just have to call my cousin and see if he still has it. He probably won’t but it will be fun to talk about those days again.

And how 35 years later, I’m once again reminded that every beginning has an end.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Night Fever”

  1. and every NEW beginning comes from some other beginning’s end…

    I am sorry that you lost you father to cancer…I also can relate, since my father died from complications of leukemia just before my son was born.

    They say that with every loss in your life, you mourn again those that came left before. It is very true and being a musician, I can see where the loss of a childhood idol would take you back to your own pain.

    1. Sorry to hear about your father too Michele. Its sad that we can create the Internet and all of these other great things but can’t find the cure for these horrible diseases.

      For me, the worst part about people dying well before I want them to, and were so much a part of my life growing up is that part of me dies with them (my childhood).

      Ex. Bee Gees, Bob Ross, Mr. Rogers, Dr. Seuss 😦

  2. This is just so sad Jim. It reminded me of when Andy Gibb died and how I thought no parents should have to bury their child. Now this familly has buried 2, with a possible 3rd. Completely gut-wrenching. I know we aren’t supposed to completely understand why things happen sometimes…so I’ll just keep the family in my prayers.

    I will most definitely be pulling out the old Bee Gees tunes for sure!

    1. it really is sad. these guys owned the 70’s. In fact, they, along with Glenn Campbell are perhaps the most under appreciated acts of our time. Just look at what these guys did. Incredible careers.

  3. My mom is 3 1/2 years removed from radiation/chemo/surgery and more chemo that rid her body of the cancer invading it. So far, so good, but every trip to the doctor for the blood tests is one of unspoken fear.

    For the Gibb family to deal with this much pain is heartbreaking. But as we all get older it is unfortunately a fact of life. Such a talented family destined for so much sorrow.


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