HUFF Blows into Texas: An Interview with Elina Madison

Elina Madison & Johnny D’Agostino in HUFF

Some guys have all the luck. In this case, it’s the people of Dallas, Texas.

Fans of the horror film genre descending upon “The Texas Frightmare Weekend” will be treated to a screening of the Paul Morrell directed film, “HUFF“: a dark, allegorical adaptation of  the story of “The Three Little Pigs”.

“HUFF” stars Charlie O’Connell (“The Bachelor”, “Crossing Jordan”) as Virgil ‘Huff’ Huffington, an abusive stepfather to three teenage girls living in poverty in California.

Huff is on the verge of making a lucrative drug deal that will finally give him the money he needs to escape his miserable life and retire to Mexico in style with his sexy mistress, Laci (Natasha Alam).

But Huff’s plans begin to unravel when his battered wife, Lorelei (Elina Madison), secretly gives the money intended for the drug deal to her daughters and tells them to run away and seek better lives. This series of events triggers a chain of rage-induced asthma attacks, complete with the ‘huffs and puffs’ as Huff attempts to locate the three runaways and recover his money.

HUFF” is a movie that has something for everyone. There’s action, thrills, suspense, horror, beautiful women and even a “bachelor” for good measure.

“HUFF” also features the talents of Marie Bollinger, Mayra Leal, Clint Howard, Jenna Stone , Elly Stefanko and Johnny D’Agostino.

I had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing Elina Madison, a multi-talented actress, producer and writer whose resume includes films like “Mulholland Drive”, “That Thing You Do”, ” The Corporate Cutthroat Massacre” and the award winning “Barracuda”.

In this interview, Elina discusses her role as Lorelei in “HUFF”. She also talks about what it was like working with such a great ensemble and what she has planned for the future as well.

goJimmygo (gJg): Elina! It’s so great to speak with you!  I’m hearing that this trip to Texas will be the first time you’ll see the completed movie is that right?

Elina Madison (EM): Yes it is and I’m very excited. I can’t wait to see everyone again and to watch it for the first time.

goJimmygo: When will HUFF officially be released?

EM: The actual premiere will be in September. I have to tell you though that I’m really happy with what I’ve seen of it so far. Just from being on the set filming I know that it’s going to be something special.

gJg: What is it that draws you to the horror/suspenseful type of movies?

EM: This might sound a little crazy and completely the opposite of what horror films are all about but they’re actually fun to work on! <laughs>

One of the first films I ever worked on was called “Curse of the Forty-Niner”. It was directed by John Carl Buechler and starred Karen Black, John Phillip Lawn and Vernon Wells. Doing that movie was an amazing experience for me and lit the fire. From then on, I was hooked.

gJg: What’s your favorite horror movie of all time?

EM: If I have to choose the one that scares me the most every single time I watch it I’d have to say “The Exorcist”.  Even when I hear the music I literally get scared. “The Amityville Horror” and “Carrie” are two other films that are really scary as well.

Elina Madison

gJg: How did the role of Lorelei come about for you in “HUFF?

EM: I went in for the initial audition and they sent me the script. And as crazy and intense as some of the things that are happening in the story, it was just such an easy read. I literally could not put it down.

I immediately knew that I wanted to do this film. I could just tell by reading the script. It was that good.

gJg: Did you have to do anything special to prepare yourself for the role of Lorelei?

EM: Lorelei is just so caught up in her own little world. She’s an alcoholic in denial about her daughters and Huff. Getting into that kind of mindset took some work. I’ve done some crazy characters before but never one this complex.

gJg: What’s the premise of HUFF?

EM: HUFF is actually a twisted version of the story of “The Three Little Pigs” with Huff being the wolf and the daughters being the three little pigs. Huff also has asthma which goes along with the lines of the story of “huffing and puffing”.

Huff is up to no good making a deal with this drug money that’s not his. My character finally has had enough and realizes that she has to get her children out of there. So she steals the money, gives it to them and tells them to leave. It’s because of that there’s some unbelievable “consequences”.

gJg: As you can tell just from watching the trailer.

EM: Exactly!

gJg: What was it like working with such a cast?

EM: It was a lot of fun. Everyone was great. I remember being at the table read and just thinking to myself,”WOW, this is really going to be good!”

gJg: Did you know Charlie (O’Connell) was from “The Bachelor”?

EM: I actually didn’t. I think it was because when I first met him at the callback he was already in character. Obviously he’s completely opposite of Huff in person but I had no idea he was on that show. <laughs>

gJg: Were there any funny situations or stories you can remember while you were filming?

EM: There were so many of them but the one that comes to mind was after I found out that Charlie was on “The Bachelor”. We had this one really intense scene where I’m laying on my back and he’s up over me. There’s blood everywhere and we were so serious in the scene but I had this crazy thought running through my mind:

“Oh my God, this is my moment with The Bachelor!” <Laughs>

gJg: What was the thing that sparked you getting into acting.

EM: I remember exactly where I was the moment that it happened. I was in my grandmother’s house watching TV with her. I don’t remember exactly what was on but I just remember being so enthralled with it that I turned to her and said: “Grandma, I want to be an actress!” From that moment on I’ve never lost sight of that.

I grew up in Wyoming and there weren’t a lot of opportunities to act there. So I eventually made my way to Los Angeles and just went for it.

gJg: A true success story!

EM: I like to think so.

gJg: What other projects do you have coming up?

EM: I’m shooting a TV show called “Blood Relatives” that will be on the Discovery channel and then I’m signed on to play Dracula’s wife in Dracula that we’re going to be shooting in June. That’s with Creep Creepersin, who I worked with on “The Corporate Cutthroat Massacre”.  That’s going to be fun.

I also have a film coming out this October called “Halloween Party”. It’s a comedy and is really hilarious.

gJg: It was really great to talk with you Elina. I’m really looking forward to “HUFF“!

EM: Thanks. It was great talking to you too!

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