Why Philadelphia Doesn’t Deserve A Sports Championship

I had to write this post. It’s been eating me up for quite some time and I feel as though I’m qualified to write it since I’ve lived eighty miles north of the city since the first Nixon administration.

I grew up a Philadelphia sports fan. So much so that I used to get into literal fist fights with my brother, a huge Cowboys fan, whenever the Eagles had the nerve to beat his beloved team.

I also loved watching Pete Rose, Mike Schmidt, Larry Bowa and the rest of the boys tearing it up at Veteran’s Stadium.

Truth be told, I never really cared much for basketball (76ers) or hockey (Flyers) although if anyone ever asked me who I liked my loyalty remained true to the city of brotherly love.

Eventually, I came to my senses in the way of the pigskin and gravitated over to the Seattle Seahawks for football although I still kept tabs on my beloved Phillies and finally got to see them win a championship again nearly three decades after their last one.

Which leads me to why I think Philadelphia doesn’t deserve any more.

The Philadelphia 76ers, a team and sport I have very little interest in are in the second round of the playoffs against The Boston Celtics. A series that no one really thought they’d be in.

So you’d think that this would be causing a huge stir in the Philly region right? Hardly. Even though I’m sure there’s plenty of local excitement, listening to the sports radio station you’d never even know.

Instead of talking ad nauseam about how the Sixers lost game three these clowns on the radio, the supposed “Voice of Sports” in Philadelphia, are more inclined to talk about a Phillies win in Chicago. In fact, the hosts of the show were actually predicting the 76ers would lose again on Friday and be on the verge of elimination.

Thanks guys.

Like I mentioned, I’m no fan of basketball but it angers me to listen to these people writing off the team they’re supposed to be representing. A team their whole business model is based around SUPPORTING!

Relegating playoff basketball to the back seat in favor or a single Phillies game that means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things at this point in the season is deplorable.

When the Flyers, Eagles or Phillies are anywhere near the playoffs that’s all they want to talk about. But when the 76ers are in the thick of things they could care less.

I’m sure if they’re prediction comes true and the Sixers are eliminated they’ll be happy to say “I told ya so”. But if by some miracle the opposite occurs they’ll jump right back on the bandwagon as if they’ve been there the whole time. It’s this kind of mentality that makes me wish Philly never gets another championship.

Shame on them.

2 thoughts on “Why Philadelphia Doesn’t Deserve A Sports Championship”

  1. Kudos to you for writing this Jim! We have a similar situation here involving a local TV station and my beloved Reds. 🙂 Several…and I mean SEVERAL years ago, the Reds games were broadcast on the local TV network. When the contract went to a cable network, apparently the sportscaster on the local station took it VERY PERSONALLY. I mean, we’re lucky to get the score of the day’s game during the sportscast. He’s been known to ignore the Reds game completely, and not even mention that they played!

    Oh..but rest assured, he lets the station pay for his trip (err….vacation) to spring training so he can pretend to care and do reports from sunny Florida (years ago) and now gorgeous Arizona.

    I don’t think the guy is much of a baseball fan at all. We don’t hear very much baseball news in general at all. He’s always talking golf (geez…wake me up please!), tennis, football (yes during baseball season)…..anything but baseball.

    But, like you said, if and when the Reds get close to or actually into postseason…he’s there acting like their biggest fan! Makes me wanna hurl!!

    1. I remember when the Phillies went to the World Series back in 1993. I followed them religiously. There was an NBC station that basically just gave the score every night and that was it.

      When they Phillies clinched the NL penant (back then you pretty much had to beat EVERYBODY to go to the playoffs) right in the middle of their newscast the anchors literally all reached down and put on Phillies ball caps in solidarity. I wanted to puke.

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