The Death of Queensrÿche

Whenever a band that I admire breaks up it’s always sad. Usually the problems arise from drama within the group amongst members. Some problems we hear about and some are kept from the public.

Steve Perry and Dennis DeYoung both left Journey and Styx respectively due to medical issues (although there were plenty of underlying drama within the band as well).

Sometimes drugs and alcohol are to blame as was sadly the case with Janie Lane in the band Warrant.

I’ve seen my fair share of favorite bands undergo massive line-up changes or break up altogether over the years but I don’t think I can ever remember witnessing the one event that’s the nail in the coffin. That is until today.

As far as I’m concerned there are only two unwritten rule for every band. This goes for your local band just starting out right up to U2 and The Rolling Stones:

First, ALWAYS give your best every night. Whatever your “best” is then bring it. Leave the stage (or club) knowing that you didn’t just phone it in.

Second (and more important): NEVER under any circumstances berate or come across negatively to your audience.

As evidenced by this video clip of Queensrÿche from their Rocklahoma performance a few days ago – you’ll see lead singer Geoff Tate break Rule #2.

“You guys suck!” …. that’s all that kept replaying in an endless loop in my head…. “You guys suck!”

How dare you say that to a crowd of people who paid MONEY to see you?

I don’t care if there are thirty thousand people or just three: If the crowd isn’t into the show then Dude, its your ‘effing JOB to make them get into it.

Let me say that I’m a fan of Queensrÿche from the “Operation Mindcrime” and “Empire” days. I know that the years since have probably not been as kind to them but that’s no excuse for Geoff to tell a crowd of people they suck.

Not surprisingly, members of the band (sans Geoff Tate) have announced a “side project” called Rising West which will make their live debut next weekend in Seattle. There are also plans to record a full length album.

A band that has been around for thirty years and sold over 20 million records is essentially finished. But even if they do somehow manage to come back all of their accolades will forever be overshadowed by these three words: “You Guys Suck!”

Ironically, Geoff would have been better off taking his own advice from the band’s magnum opus “Silent Lucidity”

3 thoughts on “The Death of Queensrÿche”

  1. saw the video yesterday and all i could think was “no, you suck.”

    years ago, this drama would have been a rumor this day, nothing stays hidden. rule #3 for bands…look at rules #1 and #2 and remember: everything you do or say on stage will be around forever.


  2. Back in the day whem they were big he would have been showered with glass beer bottles. What a douche

  3. Jerkoff, how do you say that to the people who pay your salary????
    This guy needs to take his make up to let’s make a deal,
    Time to hang it up!

    Squids nyc

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