Styx and Stone: A Conversation With Actress Jenna Stone

Jenna Stone

Do you remember the old saying about sticks and stones breaking bones? Well in this case it just might be true.

Jenna Stone, in addition to being an amazing actress also possesses some serious martial-arts ability. And it’s something she’ll need to have when she takes on a former “Bachelor”.

Jenna plays the role of Styx, a strong willed sibling in the upcoming movie “HUFF”, a twisted take on the story of the Three Little Pigs. The film stars former “Bachelor” Charlie O’Connell in the title role of a maniacal drug dealer and scream queen Elina Madison as his abused and battered wife Lorelei.

Also appearing are Marie Bollinger and Elly Stefanko as Styx’s sisters Brixi and Shay.

One of the first screenings of the film was to a well receptive audience at The Texas Frightmare Weekend in early May. The event was attended by many of the filmmakers and cast who viewed the completed film for the first time prior to the exclusive premiere this fall.

I had the chance to speak with Jenna and get the scoop on “HUFF” as well as some of the other projects she’s been involved with.

goJimmygo (gJg): Jenna! It’s so great to speak with you! Were you there for the “HUFF” screening at Texas Frightmare Weekend?

Jenna Stone (JS): Yes I was! It was the first horror convention I’ve ever been to and it was a blast. It was a really cool environment! We did a raffle while we were there and were giving away signed posters and scripts. It was exciting!

gJg: What was the reception like for the screening of “HUFF”?

JS: It was awesome! There was a really good turnout and reaction to it. We heard a lot of great feedback!

gJg: What do you like most about the film having now seen it complete for the first time?

JS: I really liked the whole “completeness” of the film. The music, the sound effects, everything. My actual favorite part of the movie is the part where all hell breaks loose! I was so happy with how it turned out!

gJg: How did the role of Styx come about for you?

JS: I was actually called in for the audition. Then during the call back I went in a did a chemistry read with Randy (Blekitas), who plays Woody. That went extremely well.

From there, I went to the table read and I remember at the time being nervous about it because it was such an intense script. But everyone there was just so cool and relaxed. It was a lot of fun!

gJg: Was there anything in particular that attracted you to the role?

JS: I really loved Styx’s attitude. Through all of it she just stands her ground. She has very strong beliefs about what should and should not be done in certain situations. I really like her strength.

Jenna Stone (Far Right) With Marie Bollinger and Elly Stefanko

gJg: What would you say is the premise of “HUFF”?

JS: “HUFF” is a twisted version of a fairy tale based on “The Three Little Pigs” with Charlie (O’Connell) as the Big Bad Wolf and Marie, myself and Elly being Brixi, Styx and Shay: “the three little pigs”. Elina (Madison) plays our Mom, Lorelei.

It starts off very innocently with Charlie and all of us having a family moment reading scripture together but you quickly find out that this is not a normal household.

HUFF is actually a drug dealer and our mother is unaware of the abuse that he has been taking out on his step-daughters.

When she does find out she decides to take his drug money and give it to the girls so they can run off and start new lives.

HUFF of course is not too happy when he finds out about it and so…bloody pursuit ensues! <laughs>

gJg: What was the chemistry like with everyone?

JS: A lot more fun and relaxed than you might think when you watch the intensity of the movie. Everyone was so cool. It was a big family. Like I said, I was really nervous going into the table read but after five minutes I just knew these people were going to be really fun to work with.

Every day was a lot of fun. I remember at one point Meg (Hairell), an associate producer, was telling us all about these obnoxious “animal hats” that she had seen downtown. So we got to talking about them and the next day she shows up with all of these crazy hats that we wore all day. 

Charlie got the wolf one of course! <laughs>

gJg: And now, one of the most important questions: Did you know Charlie was “The Bachelor”?

JS: No I didn’t! <laughs> I never watched any of those shows but we had fun “teasing” him about it once we found out!  <laughs>

A Haunting in Salem

gJg: You were also in another horror film recently called “A Haunting in Salem”. I thought you were terrific in that movie too!

JS: Thank you! That movie was a lot of fun too! I got to channel my inner “Carrie” –  I was covered in so much blood. <laughs>

gJg: What was it like filming that movie?

JS: For me it was a lot of fun. Especially when I went through the “demonic essence” of it. It was also done on a much smaller set and with a smaller cast and crew.

gJg: Courtney Abbiati plays your Mom in that movie. What was it like working with her?

JS: It was cool. I really got along great with Courtney. We were able to get the mother/daughter vibe going early and it really came across well on camera.

gJg: Was the movie filmed in Salem, Massachusetts?

JS: Actually, it was filmed at a house in Pasadena, California. What’s funny is that I actually lived in Pasadena at the time and the house we filmed at was literally a mile away from where I lived. <laughs>

Jenna Stone

gJg: What are some of your own favorite horror movies?

JS: “The Shining” is a great classic. I love that movie.  As far as more recent films go, “The Strangers” is one that I can watch all the time too. It really gets me. I love that one too!

gJg: Did you always want to be an actress while you were growing up?

JS: I don’t remember the exact moment but I remember it was an idea that was always brewing in my head. Then one day when I was about ten I remember going up to my Mom and saying: “You know what? I want to act!” <laughs>

She just stared at me a bit puzzled because at the time I was so quiet and shy. But I took some classes and started doing some work. Eventually a manager came out to scout and encouraged me to come to LA and since then, I’ve never looked back.

gJg: What were some of the early projects you worked on?

JS: I did a few commercials and some music videos which were a lot of fun. I was in videos for The Fray (Heartbeat) and even a metal video for the band “RATT” called “Eat Me Up Alive”! 

I also played the role of Chloe in the Hallmark Movie: “Rock the House”.

gJg: Do you have any hobbies you like to do outside of acting?

JS: I’ve actually just started drawing and painting so I’ve been focusing some time on that. I also love crafts, making jewelry and modifying my wardrobe. <laughs>

gJg: I noticed that you also have some martial arts experience. Tell me, how strong is your “Kung Fu”?

JS: Hmmm, it’s been quite a while but I think I could probably still kick some butt. <laughs>

I did Taekwondo for a couple of years.

gJg: Do you have any projects you’re currently working on?

JS:I just signed on to play the lead in a project called “The Most Important Thing”.  Another project I’m working on is an independent film called “The Edge of Salvation”.

gJg: Tell me a little bit about your role in “The Edge of Salvation”.

JS: I play the role of Peggy, an outgoing girl who’s forced to live with her mother’s abusive boyfriend and later winds up in the hands of Child Services. We’ll be filming the last few weeks of June and I’m really looking forward to it.

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