A Slice of Lauren Nash

Lauren Nash  (Photo: Nicholas Paulos)

Lauren Nash is forging her own path. The multi-talented actress, model and dancer is making a name for herself on-screen and off.

Not only does she have several film and television roles on deck (including an appearance on the new JJ Abrams show, “Revolution”, but Lauren is also busy writing and directing her own short films as well.

This fall, Lauren (herself a huge horror movie fan) will appear in CUT!, the David Banks/David Rountree film about a pair of filmmakers who decide that the best way to make a horror movie is to actually kill people for real.

I had the opportunity to speak with Lauren and get her thoughts on CUT! as well as some of her other upcoming projects!

gJg: Have you seen the trailer for CUT!?

LN: YES!!…. I LOVE it! <laughs>

gJg: Tell me a about how you got the role of Red.

Lauren Nash (LN): It was an early morning audition when I went in, but everything went great. A few days later they called me and told me they wanted to close the role after my audition because they thought I was perfect for it!”

What was the experience like filming your scenes?

The scenes were frighteningly real! <laughs>. We were all in a hotel that really fit the mood. Then of course, you’ve got the props and blood. It was one of the easiest transitions for me to get into character. And both Davids were so nice. The entire process was a great experience. We were able to film everything in one day.

gJg: Are you a horror fan?

LN: Yes, I’m a huge horror movie buff!! My all-time favorite is, “The Exorcist (Directors Cut)”. The only thing is, when I watch it I usually can’t make it past the scene in Iraq where the dogs start barking, only because I know what’s coming!! <laughs>

gJg: How did you get into it acting?

LN: I went to college in Florida and majored in literature and theater. I was living in a tiny little beach town and while I was there, I started getting into commercial work. From there, I began doing some HSN modeling and, after I had honed my skills more, started going on more and more auditions in the southeast. I got my credits together, moved to Los Angeles and here I am!

gJg: What do you like to do when you’re not acting?

LN: I love to dance. Since moving to LA, I’ve also gotten into hiking. I’m also an avid reader.

gJg: What other projects do you have coming up?

LN: I’m going to be appearing on the JJ Abrams show Revolution, which begins airing on NBC September 17th. My role has a potential to recur, so I’m very excited about that. I also have two films that I’ve completed earlier this year that are about to do the festival scene: “Heterosexual Jill” and “The Republic of Two”.

gJg: Tell me a little bit about those films.

LN: In “Heterosexual Jill” – I play a raunchy red-head named, Ruby. That was a lot of fun to shoot.

“The Republic of Two” is a project that’s near and dear to my heart. It’s my boyfriend’s movie and a lot of the film actually takes place in my home. I got to wear a lot more hats than just actor.

I’ve also written, directed and acted in a short film called “Plan B”. I was fortunate to be able to get the production crew from the show Workaholics to help me with it!  It’s the story about how far women will go to be able to afford acting. The truth is, it’s incredibly expensive to live out here, and being an actor is not something you can just do on the weekends. It’s something that you have to work on every day.

gJg: Between acting, writing, making props, editing; you really do it all!

LN: If I’m going to do this, then I’m not going to limit my opportunities! If I have the chance to learn all of these things, it gives me that much more appreciation for the people who actually do these jobs all the time. When you see all of the effort they go through each and every day by doing it with your own hands, you really respect it!

gJg: Where do you see yourself a few years from now?

LN: Continuing to do what I’m doing and being part of memorable projects!

Article first published as A Slice of Lauren Nash on Technorati.

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