James Wood For Congress

You non-political junkies may be bored to tears with this latest post, but I encourage you to read it anyway. The future of our country is literally at stake.

It’s the time again. Time for the greatest nation in the world to go to the ballot box and elect a president and members of Congress. Ones that will represent us for the next two, four or six years. Partisan zombies who willingly do whatever the “R” or “D” say have already set up shop with their lobbiest friends and have begun the process of barraging us with radio and television advertisements in an effort to sway our vote.

Their mission? A promise of hard work to make America better?… Nope.  An honest look will tell you that their only goal is to hold on to their cushy jobs for another few years and then repeat the cycle all over again.

For the next few months, not a single thing will get done in Congress (by either party) out of fear of reprisal by the electorate. Everyone is out “Rah-Rah’ing” for Obama and Romney but no one seems to understand or care that NOTHING is getting done.

Liberals and Democrats refuse to budge on such things as cutting entitlements and Conservatives and Republicans refuse to budge on having the millionaires pay more. Meanwhile, the stock market has been rising and falling for months, the housing market is a complete wreck, gas prices are once again through the roof and unemployment is still hovering around 8% which, ironically is the same approval rating for Congress. When will these people understand that being an elected official who represents the people of the United States is a privilege and not a life time career?

Therefore, I am announcing my candidacy as an Independent for US Congress.

Unfortunately, I can’t promise you a chicken in every pot but here are the four oaths I will work tirelessly to do if elected:

First and for most: Every day on the floor of the House I will make a motion to pass a Constitutional amendment to impose term-limits on ALL members of Congress. This is my only reason for seeking this office.

I, like many of you, am disgusted with what’s happening in Washington. Our elected officials are not doing the will of the people and quite frankly, they really have no need to.  An incumbents re-election chances are around 75-80%. Pretty good odds considering that they really don’t do much. What you have to understand is that for a typical member of Congress, the first day of a new session is actually the first day their re-election campaign begins.

Second, I will NOT seek re-election. My term in Congress will only be two-years. I promise to do everything in my power every single day to make the 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution be to allow for members of Congress and the United States Senate to be re-elected to office only one time.

Examples to make my point:

Strom Thurmond (R): 47 years as Senator
Robert Byrd (D):  52 years as Senator
Charles Rangel (D): 40 years as Congressman
Bill Young (R): 40 years as Congressman

This member for life bullshit has got to stop. Our country depends on it. Back when pitchforks and torches were all the rage and our country was built on the backs of hard-working men and women we needed someone to do the will of the people for as long as possible. That is no longer the case.

Thirdly, for all other votes (you know, important ones like renaming french fries “Freedom Fries”) I will meet with individuals throughout my district every weekend detailing the upcoming weeks agenda and will vote strictly as my district suggests regardless of my personal convictions. I represent THEM. They do not represent ME.

Finally, I will not accept donations or gifts and will only meet with citizens of my district. This will remove any chance of lobbiest influence.

I promise to earn every single penny of the $348,000 I will make over those two years (you did know that’s how much each member of Congress makes didn’t you? Makes you feel so much better about the jobs they’re doing now doesn’t it?).

I do not care if I am a member of any sub-committee or if I am alienated by the current democrat and republican members. I do not want anything more than what I am proposing here

Lets begin the dialogue. For the good of our country. I am ready…. are YOU?

I’m James Wood and I approve this message…

3 thoughts on “James Wood For Congress”

  1. I volunteer to do all PR work needed. You know how I feel about our “representatives.” I have written a few times on the subject and there’s plenty of time left for a few more discussions. It’s pathetic what our government has become. Damn Jim, you’ve got me riled up now…I don’t drink coffee and it’s too early for a beer…I think.

    Maybe it’s time to do what Richard Pryor did in Brewster’s Millions and urge everyone to vote for “None of the Above.” It can’t get much worse.


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