Actress Kristin Booth Discusses “Below Zero”

Actress Kristin Booth

Actress Kristin Booth is seeing double. The multi-talented and Gemini award-winning actress has dual roles in the horror/thriller “Below Zero”; a film in which she stars alongside Edward Furlong (Terminator 2) and horror legend, Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes).

Written by Signe Olynyk, Below Zero tells the story of ‘Jack The Hack’, a once successful screenwriter who now suffers from a severe case of writers block. In a rather extreme attempt to cure him of his “ailment”, his agent forces him to spend five days in a meat locker to help clear his head. When the temperature drops, the lines between fiction and reality blur as both he and a young mother (Booth) are stalked by a cleaver-wielding psychopath…..or are they?

With exquisite cinematography and multiple story lines that keep you guessing until the very end, Below Zero is a thrill ride from start to finish.

I had the opportunity to speak with Kristin about her Below Zero experience and much more in this exclusive interview!

goJimmygo (gJg): What attracted you most to your role in Below Zero?

Kristin Booth (KB): The idea of playing two characters and the challenge of doing that really interested me and made me want to be a part of the project.

gJg: Are you a big fan of the horror genre?

KB: I am a huge fan! I had never actually been in one before but my best friend and I have rented pretty much every horror movie there is. We just love watching them and getting the crap scared out of us.

gJg: Well, then I have to ask you: What’s your favorite horror movie of all time?

KB: That’s a good question. We both had gone to see Texas Chainsaw Massacre when it was in the theater.  I remember, we ran screaming from the car to the house; that’s how scared we were! It scared the bejeezus out of us.  I’d have to say that film because of the sheer thrill we got out of it.

gJg: You were able to work with one of the real horror legends in Below Zero: Michael Berryman!

KB: Michael really is a horror legend and for me to have the opportunity to work with him was surreal and very exciting. I had seen him in “The Hills Have Eyes”, another movie that scared me; to the point where I had to close my eyes halfway through. <laughs>.

The funny thing about Michael is that you see him in all of these scary movies but in reality, he is the nicest man you’ll ever meet. He loves animals and has lots of great stories.  He used to work security for Bob Dylan. He’s one of those people who’ve seen and done a lot. Being around him was great.

gJg: What was it like working with Eddie Furlong?

KB:  Eddie and I were both actually in the movie “Detroit Rock City”. Even though we didn’t have any scenes together, that was a topic of conversation when we met for the first time. It’s funny how we were both in the same movie but had never met. Sometimes that’s just the nature of the business. I remember we both had different ways of approaching things for this movie, but it was great because the characters we played mirrored that so it worked out well.

Below Zero

gJg: Describe the story of Below Zero.

KB:  It’s a look into the mind of a delusional writer. It’s also a little bit like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book because there are many different ways of looking at it. That’s what makes it so interesting!

gJg: What was your favorite scene?

KB: The cinder block scene was my favorite. I actually couldn’t wait to shoot it, although I’m sure the stunt man was a little nervous about it. <laughs>

gJg: What did you enjoy most about your experience making this movie?

KB: Meeting and working with Signe and Bob (Schultz, Producer). It was a small indie film but they were  both so passionate about it. I like to see people that passionate about their art make their dreams come true.

It was a pleasure to work with them and I hope to get a chance to work with them again in the future.

gJg: What do you like to do when you’re not acting?

KB: I studied to be a yoga teacher years back so I still dabble in yoga. I’ve also just had my first baby, so I’m knee-deep in mommy duty!

gJg: What projects do you have coming up?

KB: I just finished another indie movie called “Sex After Kids“.  It’s about a group of people who are all in the same boat of either having or trying to have kids and what happens to your sex life after these kids are introduced into the world. It deals with marriage and relationships and the challenges of keeping those relationships fresh.  It’s quite funny, and is actually five-story lines of different couples who interact and share their stories, or nightmares as the case may be. <laughs>.

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Kristin Booth Photo: Jonetsu Photography

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