Guitar World Interview Dokken Guitarist Jon Levin Discusses New Album, “Broken Bones”

Broken Bones is the eleventh studio album from the band Dokken and one that features a refreshing return to the signature sound reminiscent of such albums as “Under Lock and Key” and “Back For The Attack”. With songs like “Empire”, the title-track and “Burning Tears”, Don Dokken’s vocals are stronger than ever and guitarist Jon Levin, now entering his second decade with the band, continues to unleash guitar fury solidifying his place as one of the true metal greats.

I spoke with Jon about the different approaches he used for recording guitars on “Broken Bones” as well as his long-standing relationship with Charvel. He also shares the story of why he decided to become an attorney and how he landed the role of a lifetime with Dokken.

Read more of my Guitar World  article and interview with Jon Levin here.

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