A New Week, A New Challenge!

A new week on deck and so much to do! This week (in addition to working on another hair metal interview) I’ll be posting extended interviews with Julie Piekarski and Jim Peterik. You can check out the edited versions of the interviews here or on Guitar World.

– Julie is on a mission to get on Dancing With The Stars. You may remember her from The Mickey Mouse Club in the 1970’s and the very first season of Facts of Life. One of her cast mates from both shows, Lisa Whelchel, also happens to be a contestant this season on the TV show Survivor. I’m told that this week’s episode will feature some film clips from Lisa’s career and one of those clips will also include footage of Julie. Pretty sweet!

– Jim Peterik told me a lot of great stories about the songs he’s written over the years. In my extended interview, he discusses them as well as goes more in-depth with all of the projects he’s currently working on. I don’t know when the guy finds time to sleep. Both interviews are great reads so be sure to watch for them!

Lastly, I would like make an announcement. For the past two years I have been blogging quite actively and during this time, I’ve written about my life, my opinions and even had the opportunity to interview a lot of amazing people. Hopefully you learned a little, got a chuckle or two at my expense and maybe even shed a tear or two from them (and there are plenty more on the way).

But with all of this writing, it only make sense for me take the next step. So here goes:

I’ve started work on my first novel.

I have had this idea bouncing around inside of my head for almost a year now and have finally decided the time is right to get it out there. I think it’s pretty good.

The reason I’m making this announcement here on my blog isn’t to brag or pump my chest, but rather to give me something concrete (in this case, “in writing”)  to help stick to the goal. I’ll still be blogging regularly, but my plan is to be finished with this book by October of next year. This is a big challenge. Most novels are somewhere in the 66,000 word range. I have 3,000 so far. A good start for a manuscript. Wish me luck.

Now, let’s see where this week (and journey) takes me.

4 thoughts on “A New Week, A New Challenge!”

  1. Well how fun is that? Nice going Mr. wood. As your personal editor (LOL) you know I’m always around as a sounding board if you need one. I know what you mean about having something concrete on which to focus. Sometimes it’s the only way we push ourselves to get something done. Wishing you the ease of flowing words, And luck, as always..


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