NEXT Collective’s Cover Art : An Album Worth Checking Out

Fans of contemporary jazz, r&b, hip hop and alternative rock have reason to celebrate. On February 26, Concord Jazz will release Cover Art, a new recording by NEXT Collective; an ensemble recording by the next generation of jazz greats that features saxophonists Logan Richardson and Walter Smith III, guitarist Matthew Stevens, keyboardists Gerald Clayton and Kris Bowers, bassist Ben Williams, drummer Jamire Williams, and special guest trumpeter, Christian Scott.

The album, produced by Chris Dunn and NEXT Collective, features jazz interpretations of contemporary pop, hip-hop and R&B songs by such artists as Bon Iver, Drake, N.E.R.D, Little Dragon, Pearl Jam and Jay Z and Kanye West.

The range and feel of the music on Cover Art speaks both to the arranging talents of the members and also to the diversity of their collective tastes. Hip-hop and punk-funk, singer-songwriter, guitar-pop, electro-R&B and alt-rock are all integrated and explored by these jazz innovators.

Fans can get a sneak peak of the full album with an iTunes’ 3-track exclusive that exemplifies the diversity and daringness of the musicians involved. Included are covers of Jay Z and Kanye West’s “No Church In the Wild,” D’Angelo’s “Africa,” and Pearl Jam’s “Oceans.” Cover Art is definitely an album worth checking out!

You can listen to samples and purchase the preview release by clicking here

Complete Album Listing:

1. Twice (Little Dragon)

2. No Church In The Wild (Jay Z and Kanye West)

3. Africa (D’Angelo)

4. Fly Or Die (N.E.R.D)

5. Oceans (Pearl Jam)

6. Refractions In The Plastic Pulse (Stereolab)

7. Marvins Room (Drake)

8. Come Smoke My Herb (Meshell Ndegeocello)

9. Perth (Bon Iver)

10. Thank You (Dido)

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