Hollywood Is Hard For Frutron and Kimmy Kim


Somewhere amid all of the glitz and glamour of the Los Angeles scene lies the somewhat bizarre world of Frutron and Kimmy Kim. It’s a world where wedgies are doled out as freely as candy, Fruity Pebbles are used at bath salts and cheeseburgers replace silicon implants.

Collectively, they are known as Hollywood is Hard, an alternate reality web show about two girls who navigate through the cartoon world of Hollywood.

With nearly one million views on You Tube, these ladies really know how to tickle the funny bone. And although their subject matter sometimes crosses the line between the risqué and the extreme, you’d be hard pressed to find two women who are as funny and open about their “pseudo-lives” as Frutron and Kimmy Kim.

I sat down (with my underwear facing away from her or course) with Frutron and got the inside scoop on these wedgie giving, wiener lovin’, Fruity Pebble bathing beauties as she share the secrets behind Hollywood is Hard. During the course of our conversation, Frutron (the nerdy one who refuses to reveal her real name) informed me that there has been talk of the wedgie videos going away, much to the chagrin of this reporter. This would be a tragedy of epic proportions.

Kimmy Kim and Frutron of Hollywood is Hard
Kimmy Kim and Frutron of Hollywood Is Hard

What’s your story?

FT: I would like to say that I was homeless and sleeping in my car and ran into all of this success but none of that’s true. The truth is,  I went to high school in San Francisco and went to art school at the same time. Originally, I thought I wanted to draw comic books, but a year into that I began thinking that comic books just weren’t cool and that I’d never make money drawing (of course, now comic books ARE cool). And although I didn’t pursue drawing, I can storyboard really well which helps with our production.

What brought you to LA?

FT: I wanted to become an actor and was doing commercials; going back and forth between San Francisco and LA. for auditions. A few years ago, I decided to leave my safety net and move here.

I’ve never been a person who was passionate about being a “SERIOUS” actor, but always loved comedy and dreamed of being on Saturday Night Live or MAD TV.

How did you meet Kimmy Kim?

FT: Kimmy Kim and I would see each other in passing while going on auditions. At certain points in our lives, we both had similar looks and knew each other from acting jobs. I always thought she was funny but never thought I’d actually be working with her.

One night, we ended up being at a writing session together that one of our mutual friends had set up. We were both at a point in our careers where we wanted to do something where we were in control. I’m not sure how it is for men, but as a lady you really risk a lot by doing movies that turn out to not be the type of movie you thought it was going to be. You don’t want to have to say, “Oh, GREAT! Now I’m a Sci-fi lesbian space alien in a shit movie!” [laughs]

The other thing is, we both wanted to do something for our career instead of waiting around for some asshole who’s going to want a blow job to give us a part in some shitty movie. Honestly dude, I’m horrible at giving them so it wouldn’t get me a movie part anyway. I’m terrible in the sack so I don’t have that going for me. [laughs]

Our really good friend, Andrew Bentler, who’s the most amazingly talented editor actually knew both of us separately. He was the one who suggested that Kimmy Kim and I should do something together. And once she and I got together, we both found out we were on the same page.

Wedgie of Death


FT: I have to tell you, ‘Wieners’ is my favorite episode. When I watch it, it’s not even like watching us.

Fruity Pebbles Bath Time

How do you come up with ideas?

FT: It’s all about what goes on in our daily lives. For instance, one day Kimmy Kim texted me and said (jokingly) “Frutron? I want to get a boob job.” And then I said, “You should stuff cheeseburgers in your bra!” And that would become an episode.

Kimmy Kim Gets Boobs

That’s how it usually starts. We start off with an idea and then everyone puts in stuff. We’ll all write together and then Andrew is just fantastic about taking those ideas and turning them into a story. Basically, we take shit that happens in our lives and then horrifically exaggerate what actually happens.

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