Guitar World Interview: Mark Kendall Discusses 30 Years of Great White and New Live Album

greatwihiteSince their debut EP thirty years ago, Great White has achieved worldwide success; including sales of over six million records and even a Grammy nomination for their version of the Ian Hunter song, “Once Bitten, Twice Shy”. During those same thirty years, members of the band have also suffered through great adversity as well. Most notably, The Station nightclub tragedy and the confusion/departure of singer Jack Russell from the band (there was even a time when Jani Lane filled in on vocals). But through it all, the band has persevered and continues to record and tour.

To celebrate the band’s pearl anniversary, Great White has gone back to its roots with “30 Years – Live From the Sunset Strip”; a live album recorded on the same hallowed grounds where bands like The Doors and Van-Halen cut their teeth performing.

The current line-up of Great White is: Mark Kendall (lead guitar), Terry Ilous (vocals), Michael Lardie (guitar/keyboards), Scott Snyder (bass) and Audie Desbrow (drums). 

I spoke with Kendall about the band’s new live album as well as the Great White legacy and more. Read the interview here.

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