Guitar World Interview: Greg Kihn Discusses New Music, Book and Tour Plans

gregkihnIf you’ve ever played in a classic rock cover band, chances are you had a Greg Kihn song strategically placed somewhere in your set list. In my own experience, that song was “The Breakup Song”. I called it “Old Reliable” not only because it was a staple in our arsenal, but because it was a song we could quickly pull out on a whim whenever the ladies came within striking distance of the dance floor.

Kihn, who has spent the better part of the last sixteen years as a published author and radio fixture in San Francisco, was recently relieved of his morning radio duties and has since discovered a new burst of creative energy. He’s releasing digital remasters of his classic albums from his Bersekley days and is considering a Greg Kihn Band summer tour that will include his hits and possibly some new material as well. With another brand new novel on the way and a chance to wear the rock star moniker again, 2013 will be a big year for Kihn.

I spoke with Kihn about his “breakup” from radio as well as his new book, music and plans for the summer. Read it here.

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