Guitar World Interview: Taddy Porter’s New Album A Welcome Homage to The British Invasion

TaddyPorter“There’s gonna be some changes made around here.”The opening line to the song “Changes” on Taddy Porter’s new album couldn’t be more apropos. Co-produced by Dave Cobb (Chris Cornell, Shooter Jennings) and Mark Neill (The Black Keys), “Stay Golden” is an eleven-song collection that marks a newly expanded sound for the band. One where British Invasion meets Motown soul; with a healthy dose of Southern blues thrown in for good measure.

“Stay Golden” is an album that clocks in at just over thirty-one minutes, but it does something not many albums released these days can do: yearn for repeated listenings. A true testament to the songwriting, performances and production skills and a welcome throwback to the sound of the 60′s.Taddy Porter is: Andy Brewer (Vocals/Guitar), Joe Selby (Lead Guitar), Kevin Jones (Bass) and Doug Jones (Drums).

We spoke with Selby about the “Stay Golden” album (Release date: Feb 26th) and also received some good practice advice.

Read the rest of my Guitar World Article Here

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