Frankie Moreno Talks Music, Vegas And Angel Town

FrankieMorenoA musical prodigy from as early as age three, singer/songwriter Frankie Moreno is a modern-classical genius who’s resume not only includes scoring #1 hits on multiple Billboard music charts, but also serenading industry VIPs like Paul McCartney, performing on the hit ABC show “Dancing With The Stars” and traveling all over the world in search of songwriting inspiration. In between, he still manages to find time to headline his own successful show in Las Vegas to enthusiastic crowds.

For his latest single Angel Town, Moreno discovers a happy medium by mixing the elements of classical, pop and rock genres into one eclectic groove. With an infectious dance beat combined with a tinge of big band sound, “Angel Town” is already a huge success. Moreno is currently working with songwriting powerhouse Diane Warren on new material for an album expected to be released later this year.

I spoke with Frankie about “Angel Town”, his songwriting inspiration and more in this exclusive interview.

Tell me how the song “Angel Town” came to be.

I write a lot with my brothers, Tony and Ricky. We take trips all over the world and bring along our guitars to become inspired and write music together. We were in Vienna, Austria walking around the city and at that time, I had been doing a lot of traveling back and forth to LA from Las Vegas. I began thinking about the way the whole LA scene works; with everyone wanting to be famous and that whole idea of a guy with the big cigar sitting at the bar watching the band play and saying “Hey kid? I can make you a star!” I wound up writing that song in about 30 minutes and we came home and recorded it.

You’re now in the studio with Diane Warren working on new material. What’s it like working with her?

It doesn’t get any better. Diane is an awesome person. She writes the greatest power ballad love songs of all time. Right now, she’s over in London working with Adele. For me to have the opportunity to work with her is amazing.

Tell me how you got on Dancing With The Stars.

The whole cast of the show came and saw my show one night and one of them took a video of me performing “Tangerine Honey”. They sent it over to ABC and three weeks later, I was on the show. Lacey Schwimmer choreographed the entire dance around it.

Let’s discuss your upcoming PBS Special.

We start filming in mid-summer and it will probably be out towards the end of the year. The special will feature our songwriting and traveling around the world just to write music. It begins in Santa Cruz, California where I’m from, then travels the world as we take the songs we write and bring them back to put them on the stage in Vegas.

You also performed for Paul McCartney. How did that come about?

Joshua Bell, a classical violinist asked me to play on his record and we did a version of Eleanor Rigby. After we recorded the song, it became a #1 single and eventually got the attention of Paul, who invited us to play it for him at a private event. It was an amazing experience. Paul McCartney is what every songwriter aspires to be.

Were you always into music?

By the time I was three, I was already playing piano. I was really into Mozart and when I five, I started taking lessons to learn how to read music. Around that same time, the movie “Amadeus” came out as well as “Great Balls of Fire”. I remember wanting to be Mozart, but also wanted to be Jerry Lee Lewis too! [laughs]. So I began thinking of ways to combine being technically good along with the rock and roll fun and doing all of the tricks.

Tell me more about traveling the world to write songs and how you got started.

My brothers and I have been doing it for about five years now. I remember when I first heard about how the Beatles used to go to India, I wanted to see what it was all about. The thing is, we don’t just travel to countries for fun. We like to go to places where musical or artistic events have taken place. Like, sitting where Michelangelo used to paint; or going to Mozart’s house, or sitting on the park bench that Beethoven used to sit on. Maybe not the exact same bench, but in that same spot. You can feel and pick up on the creative energy that’s there.


What does the future hold for you?

I’m shooting for a fall, early winter release of my album and will be putting out a few more singles until then. I recently won headliner of the year in Vegas and really want to start touring the US. The band is awesome and we have such an eclectic group of fans. Word of mouth is really pushing “Angel Town” and in a way, it’s kind of old school. Like the way it was done back in the 50’s. The music business is a fun thing to be a part of. I’m going to leave my little stamp on it and see how far I can take it.

 For More on Frankie Moreno, check out his official website by Clicking Here

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