Guitar World: Rival Sons Guitarist Scott Holiday Discusses “Head Down”

RivalSonsIn an age when most new albums begin with the tracking of instruments in home studios and emailing files back and forth cross-country, it’s refreshing when a band comes along that likes to do things the old-fashioned way.

It’s a method similar to what early ’70s blues/rock pioneers did when recording: They get in a studio and let the creative process take control.

Formed in 2008, Rival Sons consists of Scott Holiday (guitar), Jay Buchanan (vocals), Robin Everhart (bass) and Michael Miley (drums). The band’s new album, Head Down, evokes the same kind of emotion heard in early Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith releases.


Written and recorded over a span of 20 days, the band’s creative, riff-oriented approach is real and raw. The result is an album that’s not only bluesy and instinctive, but also insanely good.

I recently spoke with Holiday about the album, his live setup as well as his recent encounter with Jimmy Page.

gw_logoRead the rest of my interview with guitarist Scott Holiday by Clicking Here

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