Guitar World: Isaiah Stuart Discusses New Madlife Album, ’21st Century Megalomaniac’


Madlife single-handedly redefining the term industrial rock.

The Los Angeles band’s fourth album, 21st Century Megalomaniac, which was released in May, continues to raise the bar set by their earlier albums with a sound that’s allowed them to share the stage with artists like Five Finger Death Punch, Volbeat, Korn and Marilyn Manson.

The band’s unique approach to songwriting is fueled by its use of catchy guitar tones, electronica and infectious grooves combined with the angst-driven vocals of Angry Phil. Songs like “Just One Gun” and “To Live and Die in Hollywood” have become absolute must-haves for any metal head’s playlist.

Produced by Society 1 vocalist Matt Zane, the video for “Just One Gun” also features the beautiful Lexus Amanda (Blacklisted Me), who gives a performance guitarist Isaiah Stuart describes as no less than visually hot and disturbing. With the album and video now complete, the band is prepping for a tour of the northwestern part of the US.

You can read the rest of my Guitar World Interview with
Isaiah Stuart by Clicking Here.

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