Digging Up a Classic Sound: Heaven & Earth’s Stuart Smith and Chuck Wright Discuss New Album

digHeaven & Earth’s new album, Dig, celebrates the sound of iconic ’70s rock music, a time when rock was at what some consider its purist, most accessible form.

Originally an all-star project for guitarist Stuart Smith, Heaven & Earth has since evolved into a full band that includes Joe Retta (vocals), Chuck Wright (bass), Richie Onori (drums) and Arlan Schierbaum (keyboards).

Picking up where iconic bands like Deep Purple and Bad Company left off, Heaven & Earth are on a mission to resurrect the sanctity — or lat least the sound — of classic rock.

I recently spoke with Smith and Wright about the new album, their gear and more.

GUITAR WORLD: How did this album come together?

WRIGHT: Stuart called me and told me he was doing a new Heaven & Earth record and asked if I wanted to take part. I had played on the other Heaven & Earth albums, but those were more like solo records for Stuart, with a lot of guest stars on them. For this one, he wanted us all to get together in a room and hash things out. Get a real band sound going and do it for real. So we partnered up and came together as a band.

SMITH: Joe Retta [vocals] and I have been playing in Sweet for a while. He has such an amazing voice and reminds me of a young Paul Rodgers. Chuck is such a great bassist and also an amazing writer.

gw_logoYou can read the rest of my interview with Stuart Smith & Chuck Wright
plus see TWO Heaven & Earth videos by Clicking Here

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