Ted Nugent Talks New LIVE CD/DVD “Ultralive Ballisticrock” And More

tedRegardless of your own political persuasion, there can be no denying that conservative rocker Ted Nugent has firmly solidified his place in the annals of history.

In addition to a hugely successful music career that’s seen him perform well over 6,000 shows, the Motor City Madman is also a radio personality, an actor/reality star, host of his own outdoor show (Spirit Of The Wild) as well as a Washington Times contributor.

On the musical end of the spectrum, Nugent’s new live CD/DVD “ULTRALIVE BALLISTICROCK” is not just your typical kick ass rock concert. Together with his killer band made up of Derek St. Holmes (guitar/vocals); Greg Smith (bass) and Mick Brown (drums), Nugent’s live show is one part sermon, one part history lesson and one part spiritual revival. It’s a line drawn in the sand where (like most things) Nugent is either admired and solidified for the attitude, or despised for it. But Nugent says let the chips fall where they may. He believes in focusing on quality of life in all of those arenas, because quality of life comes from all of those issues.

Recorded by seven cameras in 5.1 audio mix during Nugent’s 2011 “I Still Believe Tour” at Penn’s Peak in Jim Thorpe, PA; “Ultralive Ballisticrock” captures the raw, primal essence of Ted Nugent at his musical best. DVD/Blu-Ray bonus footage includes “Spirit of the Wild” and The Making of ULTRALIVE BALLISTICROCK.

Personally, I’ve seen dozen’s of shows at Penn’s Peak over the years and thought I knew a thing or two about the venue and the people there. But as you’ll see in this interview, Nugent makes me aware of something I never knew about Penn’s Peak and his audiences.

You can say what you will about his stand on hunting and Second Amendment rights, but when you interview Ted Nugent, you can’t help but come away with the knowledge of having spoken to a man who not only is a musical legend, but one who also truly loves his country.

I spoke with Nugent about the new CD/DVD release and also got his thoughts on some of the most important issues of the day.

What made you decide to do this particular live CD/DVD?

What Greg [Smith], Mick [Brown] and Derek [St. Holmes] bring to every concert is intense. It’s so compelling and satisfying for me. I’m just proud and so moved by what these guys do that if it wasn’t me up on stage, I’d buy a front row ticket just to see them. Every concert is a musical orgy of fun and grind and funk and passion and spirit and attitude. I figured, “My God, we’ve got to capture this, right now!”

Was there a reason why you decided to film the Penn’s Peak performance?

It’s a special place. All of my audiences are the best in the world, and I have well into the 50-60 percentile of deer hunters in attendance. But at Penn’s Peak, it’s 100 PERCENT! You can smell guts in my audience. It brings an ultimate effervescence to the entire procedure! [laughs].

l to r: Derek St. Holmes, Ted Nugent, Greg Smith, Mick Brown (photo: James & Marilyn Brown)
Derek St. Holmes, Ted Nugent, Greg Smith, Mick Brown (photo: James & Marilyn Brown)

How would you describe your live show?

Chuck Berry meets Natty Bumppo in the bend of the Louis and Clark exploratory advance meat man point of view! I don’t think any musical force ever in the history of the world has more fun than my band and audiences. If you’re not having fun with me, you’re weird!

You take a lot of heat for some of your views. What are some of the things you think liberals just don’t understand?

It’s not really a matter of understanding. Liberalism is a cult of denial. One where discomforting information is discarded. It would be similar to having Old Yeller foaming at the mouth, and you keep telling yourself that he doesn’t have rabies; versus someone like me who would just shoot the f$cking dog! [laughs].

Let’s start right at the tip of the culture war spear: gun control. How can you possibly deny, when the irrefutable facts from every major source (United Nations, FBI, Scotland Yard) has concluded that a gun free zone (where liberals have accomplished their dream of banning guns) has become the number one murder zone in the world?  Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora Theater, Sandy Hook – all of them, gun free zones. So, now that we all know that the most innocent of lives are lost in gun free zones, how can you begin to explain why someone would want more of them? An intelligent, caring soul is aghast at such a mind-set where you’d want to increase injurious conditions.

Ted Nugent - photo by James and Marilyn Brown
Ted Nugent – photo by James and Marilyn Brown

Another example of the anti-gun insanity revolves around my lifestyle of eating venison. Wherever liberals have succeeded in banning a certain type of hunt (California mountain lions for example), they’ve actually increased the killing of them. But, only after the mountain lions have either killed people, maimed people or destroyed millions of dollars worth of livestock and personal property, and then your tax dollars go to help clean up the mess you didn’t allow to be cleaned up before the mess happened. If there had been a hunting season, all of those alpacas wouldn’t have been eaten.

Then we’ll move on to the whole welfare thing. Who can deny that the big lie of entitlement has actually brainwashed people into celebrating dependency? How about not giving a bonus for being non-productive and instead chiding people into getting an alarm clock and being productive? You’d be much happier and more self-sufficient if you were independent. These are good things.

The bottom line though is that liberals are crazy, deranged people and I’m always right! It’s pretty simple, actually. [laughs].

Having now seen the effects of what’s happened in Michigan, do you ever lament not running for governor?

Occasionally. But the suicidal death march of Detroit actually began back in the early 1960’s when the most positive, productive, proud Detroit was strangled by liberal democrats who chastised them for being so positive and productive. They engineered the greatest city in the world to stop caring. But let’s look beyond that. The entire state of Illinois is more bankrupt than Detroit, and the entire state of California is more bankrupt than Detroit. They’re just living on a lie.

What are your thoughts on what’s happening in Syria?

That’s a cluster f$ck if ever there was one. I’ll go with what the military pros that I speak with say and suggest that we should just let them kill each other. Both sides are our enemy. One side is basically the Taliban and the other is basically Al Qaeda. They all want to kill us and anyone who’s not a member of their gang. They both preach that. It pains me to have to say that because there’s untold number of innocents involved in the crossfire, but I don’t believe America can be the world’s cops. But I do believe that any enemy who can metastasize to have the capability of a 9/11 we must obliterate.

Those that hate freedom and America and Christians will do anything they can to destroy us and the sad part of it is our President is basically feeble. He’s not a force to be reckoned with and I thought the President of the United States should be the definitive force to reckon with. How ugly is it that a guy who loves his country so much has to say that about his President? I’m surprised I’m not playing the blues.

Do you think the real plan of the enemy isn’t so much about having us invade countries or fighting skirmishes, but rather the notion of having us spend untold billions of dollars endlessly fighting them until it inevitably bankrupts us from within?

All of the above. I’ve got it from inside authority. Are you aware of the Department of Defense’s recent summit? There was a debriefing recently where they identified that OTM’s (Other Than Mexican) are coming in through our porous borders and are slowly bankrupting us. They’ve identified that 90% of the wild fires in America are purposely set by either Taliban or Al Qaeda operatives. And why? Because it costs us trillions of dollars to fight these fires. There’s a lot of stuff going on that America doesn’t know about. 

Have you given thought to running for President yourself?

God, wouldn’t that be awesome? Just the debates alone. Everyone gathering around their televisions to watch me gut my opponents! [laughs]. I doubt it. Although I am in communication with some of the most dedicated, patriotic statesmen in the country. I’m in touch with people who really care. I don’t think I’m going to run, but boy am I going to put pressure on those who do.

TedNugentLiveDo you have any advice for us as human beings?

God Almighty, take better care of yourself. Think about the precious gift of life and don’t allow poisons into your sacred temple. Look around you and ask honestly if your conduct is beneficial to your quality of life and the quality of life of your family and fellow-man or if it’s detrimental. That’s the mantra of the Nugent family.

There’s always going to be hate, but I’m dedicated to always conducting myself in such a way to benefit others. If more people would be conscientious about the effect of their cause, America would be a much better place.

ULTRALIVE BALLISTICROCK will be released on October 22nd and be available in three formats including a 2CD+DVD deluxe edition, DVD, Blu-Ray as well as digital download!

For more on Ted Nugent check out his official site by Clicking Here

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  1. this is an amazing article! Ted is an astute and caring American and brings up many excellent points. I especially related to the advice for mankind.

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