My Birthday Wish List

Since I assume many of you are already wondering what you should get me for my birthday next month (October 5th), I’ve taken the liberty of posting my list here in order to give you an early jump on your shopping duties.

Unfortunately, none of these items can still be found in stores, so you’ll have to poke around on E-bay in order to find them. But in an effort to help you in your search, I’ve already scoped out and gone through the trouble of pricing these items in order from low to high, so you shouldn’t have any concern over whether or not you’re spending enough. But when you think about it, can you REALLY put a price tag on a gift?

I now present to you the Five Best Presents you can get me for my birthday. Things I received as a child and would love to see again.

5. Magic Window by Wham-O ($100) You want to talk about mindless entertainment?  Look no further than this plastic circle filled with different colored sand. You maneuver it around and the sand magically transforms into different patterns. Let’s see the X-Box Kinect or Wii try to top that! Hours of fun here.


4. Weeble Haunted House ($300). Since there’s no Count Chocula action figure, this is the next best thing. Who ever invented the Weeble was a true genius. They always wobbled but never fell down. I love the glow in the dark ghost.


3. Monster Mansion (Prince Unknown) While it would be easy for you to purchase a few boxes of Monster Cereal for me, I’d much prefer the absolute HOLY GRAIL of cereal giveaways –  The Monster Mansion!! This baby retailed for $13 back in 1981 (along with a few box tops). This could be my summer home.


2. Mego Spiderman ($400) It just wouldn’t be my birthday without a visit from good ol’ Spidey. I’ve had several different Spidey action figures over the years, but never an original Mego one.  So, please do what you can to make a 46-year old boy happy this year!


And finally…..


1. Stretch Monster ($800) – C’mon, you know I’m worth it. Stretch Monster was the coolest thing ever. Much better than Stretch Armstrong. I suppose that’s why I’d only let my sister play with Armstrong. She’d NEVER be allowed to touch my Monster. Me and Stretch Monster were tight. We did everything together. Right up until that one day when he fell on some rocks and bled out.

That syrupy stuff inside him got all over, and no amount of band-aid or bandage could save him. To see him again this year would be the ultimate! 🙂

Happy Shopping!

4 thoughts on “My Birthday Wish List”

  1. So I started looking at ebay for games from 1970-1989….wow! Stay Alive is there, which I always wanted but didn’t get….Blip, Take 5, Jack Straws….those I had and loved…especially Blip. So much fun to reminise.

    1. WoW! I forgot all about Stay Alive. I loved Blip! I love all of those old games. Gnip Gnop, Rock Em Sock Em Robots, and Mouse Trap!

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