Time In A Bottle: Maury Muehleisen’s Sister Discusses Her Brother’s Music, Time with Jim Croce

Maury Muehleisen in 1973
Maury Muehleisen in 1973

It’s hard to believe it’s been 40 years since the lives of Jim Croce, Maury Muehleisen and four others were cut short when the twin-engine plane in which they were traveling crashed shortly after takeoff on September 20, 1973.

In the years since the accident, Muehleisen’s sister Mary has been keeping her brother’s memory alive. In 2006, she re-released Maury’s only album, Gingerbreadd, on CD. She also released early recordings made by her brother, whose guitar arrangements are synonymous with the classic Jim Croce sound.

On September 21, Mary Muehleisen will be in attendance for Time in a Bottle: A Tribute to Jim Croce, an event taking place at the Upper Darby Performing Arts Center in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, to remember the lives and music of Croce and her brother.

Because Croce graduated from Upper Darby, proceeds will go to the Upper Darby Arts and Education Foundation for a scholarship fund in Croce’s name. In addition to Croce song performances, the evening will feature the music of Maury Muehleisen as well as stories from the people who knew them best.

Maury Muehleisen & Jim Croce
Maury Muehleisen & Jim Croce

I spoke with Mary about the 40th anniversary tribute as well as her brother’s music and his legacy. You can read the rest of my Guitar World Interview with Mary Muehleisen By Clicking Here!

For more information on the Tribute To Jim Croce Click Here!

For more on Maury Muehleisen or to order a CD Visit: www.maurymuehleisen.com/

2 thoughts on “Time In A Bottle: Maury Muehleisen’s Sister Discusses Her Brother’s Music, Time with Jim Croce”

  1. I remember when I heard the news about the plane crash on the radio. That was back when any musical news would break on the radio. I remember seeing Ingrid on an awards show not much later and a video of Jim, Ingrid and their son. And I remember thinking this little boy would never hear that wonderful voice singing him lullabys. I remember thinking we had lost a great, barely tapped talent. This interview brought it all back. So bittersweet, but wonderful. Thanks Jim

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