Coney Hatch: Carl Dixon and Steve Shelski Discuss New Album, “Four”

Coney Hatch“It wasn’t like we were at war,” Coney Hatch singer/guitarist Carl Dixon says when asked why there hasn’t been a reunion or new album in almost 30 years.

“We all had just gone off in other directions and were committed to the new projects we had taken on.”

Dixon was the singer for the Guess Who in 2008 when he was involved in a devastating car crash that left him physically unable to perform. It was then that Dixon’s loyal friend (and Coney Hatch bassist) Andy Curran organized a fundraising event in Toronto to help Dixon’s family through that tough time.

Joined by guitarist Steve Shelski and original drummer Dave Ketchum, it would be the first time the four original members of Coney Hatch were in the same room together in years. Although the band didn’t play together that night, the event gave them a new-found sense of purpose.

Over the next few years, the reunited Coney Hatch would perform several shows, including one at Firefest in 2011.

The band’s first trip to the UK would become a career-defining moment and also give them the opportunity to record a new collection of songs. The resulting album, Four, is a good representation of the tough, punchy, rock and roll sound Coney Hatch is known for, combined with an off-the-cuff, more relaxed, natural feel.

I spoke with Dixon (now fully recovered) and Shelski about the new Coney Hatch album as well as their gear and first big-time tour.


Read the rest of my Guitar World interview with Dixon and Shelski by Clicking Here!

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