Actress Jenna Stone Discusses ‘SHATTERED’ Kickstarter Campaign


“A divided young man must fight for life and love in his estranged, nightmare-like reality.”

Writer Ian Brightman has put much of his own life experience into “Shattered”, a short film/passion project with a script that’s taken him nearly three years to complete. Starring Hunter Garner and Jenna Stone, “Shattered” is a film that will make you rethink your entire life and realize that sometimes no one can help you, except you.

Brightman has recently started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the project and bring the film to the big screen. Backers of the film will have the option of several “rewards” to choose from as a way of saying thanks for their generous support. From a private link to screen the film to producer credit and even the opportunity to appear in the film itself, everyone that takes part in the project will be recognized for their contribution.

In typical film projects, everything is panned out and you go in and do your job, but the cool thing about Kickstarter is that everyone becomes more personally involved in the film’s success by actually making it happen and getting the word out.

Shattered tells the story of Asher (Garner), a young man who finds out that no matter how hard he pushes, he can’t seem to help himself. He finds this out every time he sleeps when his dreams emotionally scar him with images of his ex, Aria (Stone). His nightmares also mentally torture him with the vision of dying at the hands of Gabriel, a physically identical young man. In reality, Asher attempts to solve his issues with Aria along with what may be causing his nightmares.


Actress Jenna Stone is no stranger to the suspense thriller, having played the lead role of Ali in the horror film “A Haunting In Salem” as well as a strong supporting role alongside Charlie O’Connell and Marie Bollinger in “Huff”. For Stone, it’s not only about creating an experience for the audience, but also about releasing emotion and that moment of truth.

I spoke with Stone about her role in Shattered and more in this exclusive interview.

How did you get involved in this project?

It was a passion project that was written by a friend of a friend. When they started talking about it, they asked me if I’d  be interested in one of the roles and after I read the script was immediately on board. It’s a short film about two guys battling inner demons and given the choice of love or fighting for yourself. It’s going to be very visually appealing. You really get to see the extreme sides of the characters on many different levels. 

How would describe the story of Shattered?

It’s about twins and takes place in dreams, which is another one of the reasons I really liked it. I’ve always been interested in how people dream and how the subconscious works. The story itself takes place in the mind and becomes an inner battle between life and death. There’s a blurred reality and at times you’re not really sure what’s real and what’s not. That’s what makes it scary. It fits into the psychological suspense thriller category in that it makes you think a lot.

Tell me a little about your character, Aria.

Aria has good intentions. She’s a sweet girl who’s going through life confused and not knowing what she wants in a relationship. She knows that it would be logical to not be together, but it’s too hard emotionally.

Are there any other projects your working on?

I’m working on another film called “Jack & Cocaine”. I play “Cocaine”, a LA prostitute who meets a guy named Jack in the same field of business. Her mother died when she was a teenager and was also a prostitute and drug addict. She didn’t set a very good example and that’s why Cocaine got involved in the work that she did. She ends up seeing a psychic who helps her talk to he mom and the journey ends up being about trying to find her father. It’s a self growth, love conquers all type of film and I’m very excited about that one too!

For more information on “Shattered” and the Kickstarter Campaign, Click Here!

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