Framing Hanley Guitarists Brandon Wootten and Ryan Belcher Discuss New Album, The Sum of Who We Are

FramingHanleyFraming Hanley’s new album, The Sum of Who We Are, is an inspired collection of modern alternative rock infused with inescapable pop hooks.

Funded entirely by the band’s loyal fan base via a Kickstarter campaign, the new album also is the band’s boldest artistic statement to date. From the anthemic “Criminal” (Hear it below) to songs like “Twisted Halos,” “Crooked Smiles” and “Crash & Burn,” the album takes the listener on a journey of struggle and triumph, weaving those feelings into every track.

Framing Hanley consists of Kenneth Nixon (vocals), Brandon Wootten (guitar), Ryan Belcher (guitar) and Chris Vest (drums).

I recently spoke to guitarists Wootten and Belcher about the new album and more.

GUITAR WORLD: It’s been four years since Framing Hanley released a new album. Why the long wait?

Belcher: It wasn’t something we expected. After our last album came out in 2010, we went through a lineup change and a few other things. But we’ve always been writing, recording and going out on the road. It’s an incredible feeling to now be able to put out an album we’re all proud of after all of this time.

Wootten: The long wait wasn’t the plan. We had a change of label and management, and with that came a little down period. We actually started recording the record in August 2012, but being the perfectionists we are, we kept writing and demoing tracks until we had the best record we could release.

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