The Long Run: Don Felder Talks Soundtrack of Summer Tour, Eagles Highlights and More


Former Eagles guitarist/songwriter — not to mention multi-Grammy winner — Don Felder isn’t one to simply rest on his laurels.

In addition to penning his best-selling memoir in 2008, Felder’s most recent album, 2012’s Road to Forever, has done incredibly well on the classic rock charts and recently was re-released as an extended-edition package with four additional songs.

Felder is out on the road now with Styx and Foreigner in what’s being billed the Soundtrack of Summer tour. The jaunt coincides with the release of a new album of the same name. It features a collection of hits from the bands, and finishes off with a brand-new interpretation of the Eagles’ “Hotel California.”

I recently spoke to Felder about the Soundtrack of Summer tour, his early years with the Eagles and much more. Check out the interview below.

How did the Soundtrack of Summer project come about?

I’ve known the Styx guys for many years. We’ve done many benefits together in the past and started doing some shows together. Tommy [Shaw] and I became good friends, and he even volunteered some of his time to writing lyrics and singing on my last CD, Road to Forever. So when the idea for doing a Styx and Foreigner tour came up and my name was mentioned, I said “Absolutely!” The catalog of these three bands is just magnificent. I’m excited to be a part of it.

What can fans expect from your set?

I do some of the Eagles songs I recorded and played live with the band for 27 years. Songs like “Hotel California,” “Heartache Tonight,” “Those Shoes” and a version of “Seven Bridges Road” that we used to do with the Eagles years ago. We even do a version of my song “Heavy Metal,” which was something the audience used to yell out for us to do during the Hell Freezes Over tour [laughs].

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