Interview: Chappell Roan discusses her new album, ‘School Nights’ and new tour

Photography by Catie Laffoon

From the moment Chappell Roan forced herself from her mid-western roots to showcase for labels in New York it’s been nothing but a steady trajectory of success. The singer/songwriter, whose hauntingly beautiful voice conjures images of Stevie Nicks and Carole King, shines brightly on her debut EP,  School Nights. The magical, five-song album is fueled with a rawness of teenage emotion, maturely crafted writing and Roan’s undeniably melancholic and infectious vocal prowess.

Roan will soon be touring alongside Declan McKenna for a  new tour that will get underway Jan. 31 and travel throughout the U.S. until the end of March.

AXS recently spoke with Chappell Roan about her School Nights and more in this new interview.

AXS: How would you describe your new EP, School Nights?

Chappell Roan: Sonically, I’d say that it’s very dark pop with some influences of the sixties and seventies. I really wanted to showcase a very moody vibe with his album.

AXS: What’s your songwriting process like?

CR: When I write, I usually think about what I’m feeling. The feeling is what inspires the song. Then, I’ll think of a melody and plug the lyrics in once I figure out what the song’s about. I also have a list on my phone filled with words and phrases that I hear people say, or with sentences from books that I think might be cool for a song. Sometimes, it may take three hours to write a song, and other times three months. It all depends on the feeling.

AXS: I want to get your thoughts on the songs from the EP. What can you tell me about “Die Young”?

CR: I wrote that song when I was sixteen, and it’s a song that’s really different from the rest. It’s not so much about love and being in a relationship as it is about a battle within myself. I was going through a hard time with my parents and with making friends when I wrote it. I really didn’t know what to but my outlet was writing.

AXS: “Good Hurt.”

CR:  I was very confused when I wrote that one. I was in a relationship, but I wanted my old relationship back. The old relationship was toxic, and I couldn’t figure out why I wanted it back. I wrote about wanting to be comfortable, but knowing that doing so meant that you were going to be treated badly. I think a lot of people can relate to it. It was about me knowing I shouldn’t do something that was wrong but doing it anyway. It hurts, but it was comfortable.

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