Interview: Kathy Troccoli discusses ‘KT’s Comfort Box’ touring and career highlights

There are few artists who are as multifaceted as Kathy Troccoli. Whether it’s her fierce commitment to comforting the broken-hearted with her books and public speaking engagements, or the encouragement and inspiration she brings with her voice in a career that spans more than three decades. With a musical resume that includes eighteen #1 radio hits, along with a pair of Dove awards and three Grammy nominations, Troccoli remains one of music’s most authentic and versatile artists. Her success in Christian music has even crossed over into the mainstream, which includes her #1 hit from 1991, “Everything Changes.”

Troccoli’s newest project of encouragement is “KT’s Comfort Box,” a package-collection filled with songs, sentiments and Scripture, creating a perfect gift for those who may be hurting. She’ll also be launching another series of live dates in support of the package with her “Comfort by Candlelight” events.

AXS recently spoke with Kathy Troccoli about “KT’s Comfort Box,” her new tour and more in this exclusive interview.

AXS: What inspired you to create a “KT’s Comfort Box” package?

Kathy Troccoli: I’ve done so many concerts and have met so many people over the course of my career. Whether it’s a conference room in a hotel or a large stadium where I opened for Billy Graham, the one consistent thing I hear from people is how much my music (and music in general) has touched their life. I’ve heard many stories of heartache and how my music was able to help people cope. I wanted to give people something they can either buy online or at my shows that will remind them of the experience and came up with the comfort box.

There are a lot of cool little things inside of the box, but one of the major ones is called Comfort by Candlelight. It’s a CD containing a combination of new and old songs that are all songs of comfort. I’ve also included a series of comfort cards with encouraging quotes and lyrics as well as a Comfort Scriptures CD with audio versions of me reading Bible Scripture.

AXS: What can fans expect from your upcoming “Comfort By Candlelight” Tour?

KT: It’s an evening where I’ll be speaking and singing. My accompanist, Michelle Margiotta, and I will be doing a lot of tunes and songs that people will know. I’ll also share stories of my life and how I’ve been able to overcome things by incorporating God’s stories. What’s wonderful about these shows is that I get to see three or four generations of people.

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