Interview: Autograph’s Steve Lynch discusses new single, ‘Every Generation,’ career highlights

Since their formation nearly thirty-five years ago, Autograph has not only given the world one of rock’s most influential guitar heroes in Steve Lynch, but has also contributed one of the most anthemic songs of the eighties with “Turn Up The Radio”. A song which still finds itself in film and video game soundtracks to this day.

Autograph, which now features founding members Lynch and bassist, Randy Rand, along with vocalist/guitarist Simon Daniels and drummer, Marc Wieland, released their first album of new material in years last October. The hard-driving, Get Off Your Ass. The new single and video from the album, “Every Generation”, continues the band’s trend of writing songs that pay homage to its roots while tastefully bringing the Autograph sound into the 21st century.

AXS recently spoke with guitarist Steve Lynch about the new single and more in this new interview.

AXS: What do you think makes the music of Autograph and bands like it so timeless and special?

SL: It’s the people who grew up with this kind of music. It was a fun era and they want to relive it. Most of the people who grew up listening to our music during that era eventually got jobs; got married; had kids, and were kind of separated from it for a while. Now that they’re kids are grown, they’re reliving it again by bringing them and their grandkids to the show. They’re something nostalgic about it and I think that’s why it’s held up.

AXS: How had the reaction been to the band’s new album, Get Off Your Ass?

Steve Lynch: It’s been really good. The album went to #21 on the Classic Rock charts on Billboard and we had a top-ten single with “Get Off Your Ass”. Our new song, “Every Generation” is also getting a lot of attention and we’re very excited about it.

AXS: What’s the band’s songwriting process like these days?

SL: It usually starts with a riff, or it can even a song title. I remember calling up Simon one day with a name for a motivational song called “Get Off Your Ass”. The video says it all. It shows kids playing video games, staring at their cell phones and watching TV. Then this huge guy comes over and straightens them out.

Our new video, “Every Generation” is basically about how everyone thinks their own generation is the best. Everyone loves the era they grew up in, but every generation has something positive in it and good messages.

Click here to watch the video for “Every Generation”.

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