Interview: ZFG’s Trev Lukather and Josh Devine discuss new music, debut tour

Prior to their creatively joining forces, guitarist Trev Lukather (son of guitarist Steve Lukather) and drummer Josh Devine (One Direction) were already friends, but each was working on separate, pop-oriented projects. It wasn’t until the duo decided to get together in the studio with the idea of crafting music with no rules or boundaries that ZFG (“Zero F#cks Given”) was born.

Rounded out by vocalist Jules Galli and bassist Sam Porcaro, ZFG combines anthemic hooks with a heavy, Earth Wind & Fire vibe to create a sound that not only captures the band’s vast musical influences and repertoire but also ushers in a refreshing landscape of insatiable tone and texture. A feat that’s evidenced with the release of their new single, “Special” — a funk-rock groove fest which features guest percussion by the legendary Lenny Castro. The new song could not come at a better time, as ZFG prepares to embark on its first tours this spring with Adelitas Way and The Winery Dogs.

AXS recently spoke with Trev Lukather and Josh Devine about ZFG, songwriting, music and more in this new interview.

AXS: How did ZFG come together?

Trev Lukather: Josh and I met through mutual friends. I’d heard a lot about him and knew that his playing was badass but at the time, he was in a project and I was doing my own pop-oriented thing. When we finally met the two of us hit it off right away.

Josh Devine: One day we decided to book a studio session and write a few songs without any rules. Something that would showcase us as players and songwriters but also the fundamentals of what we enjoy – rock-oriented music with great groove and melody. We got in and the flavor was right. At the end, we decided to name the session ZFG (Zero F#ks Given) because that was genuinely what the project was about. No one was telling us what to do or play. We did whatever we wanted. Then Sam and Jules came in and added their own unique flavor to the mix. ZFG was born.

AXS: What’s the band’s songwriting process like?

TL: It usually starts with me picking up a guitar and jamming some riffs. Then the rest of the guys join in and we all start jamming together, picking out parts and bringing them all together. In every session we’ve done as a band there hasn’t been one song that we haven’t gotten giddy about. It’s the perfect bottle of deliciousness.

JD: It’s rare to be with a bunch of people where everything you write is special. I think it’s because it’s authentic and we love what we do.

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