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Rock Star Moments

I can still see it as if it were just yesterday. I was in my bathroom upstairs shaking like a leaf. It was around 3 pm and I was getting ready to head to South Bethlehem for sound check. My band was going to be the opening act for Clay Aiken at Musikfest. On the biggest stage of them all. The fastest sellout in the festival’s history – 6,500 people. We had the greatest singer ever in our arsenal that got us there. But I was a nervous wreck.

I had dreamed about this forever. Since the first day I picked up my grandmother’s hand held potato slicer and pretended it was a guitar. The callused fingers, the long walks downtown to Ken Brader and Son’s music store for lessons on brutal summer days. The countless hours of practice after school.

While other kids went out and played sports or hung with friends I was trying to figure out how the hell Eddie Van Halen got his kung-fu. I used to write journal entries in high school of what my life was going to be like after I “made it”.

And now, here I was sitting in my bathroom next to the bowl for fear of losing my lunch. I’m still not sure how I held it together. But somehow my “Rock Star Moment” was here. And I wasn’t about to let it slip away.

Rock Star Moments are those things in life that put us on a whole new level. They allow us to rise above the crowd for a short time. They make our lives really feel fulfilled. Some call it their “15 minutes of Fame” but I prefer to say Rock Star Moments.

They’re like “15 minutes” because it’s here for only a short while and then is gone. The difference is, when your 15 minutes of fame is over that’s usually all you receive.  But you can have many Rock Star Moments in life.

Imagine the day in the life of your favorite chart topping artist as they arrive at a venue to perform. That was me that day. All the crew members doing whatever it takes to make you comfortable so you could ready yourself for a night of great music. Ushering you off away from the adoring public. Ok, so this “public” was there to see Clay Aiken but this was my “moment” so I could think what ever I wanted. Clay had just placed second in Season two of American Idol but was almost on the same level as Justin Bieber is today. People were going bonkers for him.


That’s the one thing that comes to mind when ever I think of that day. It was perfect. Definitely more than fifteen minutes of fame. In fact, even our set was 35 minutes long so there.

There are no prerequisites for when they occur. Rock star moments can happen to anyone at any time. My ten year old daughter just had two of them in one week.

About a month ago I read an article that the Doobie Brothers were looking for fans to submit pictures and videos to use in their new music video. Yes, the same Doobie’s who do “China Grove”, “Listen to the Music” and scolded Raj, Rerun and Dwayne for tape recording their show on What’s Happenin’.

Their new song is called “Far From Home” and they wanted submissions that reflected that theme. Troops coming home from war, kids going off to college. That sort of thing.  By coincidence, I still had pictures from my daughter Jillian’s first day of school 5 years ago on my computer. So on a whim I decided to submit a few of her on the school bus for the very first time. Of course, I never really thought anything would come of it. Until a few days ago that is when I received an email telling me that they used a picture of her on the school bus in their video.

I watched the video and saw not only that picture but other life changing events as well. A beautiful song and message that I’m so proud she’s a part of.

You can check it out here: http://www.uso.org/thedoobiebrothers/

When I showed her the video and she saw the picture her eyes got as big as saucers, she was so excited. I’ll never forget what she said. “Daddy, I think I’m really starting to become famous”. Rock Star Moment. There and gone. But luckily for her, she was on the verge of another one.

The very next night she had her 4th grade chorus concert at school. It would be her final performance in elementary school as she and all of her classmates are moving to a whole new school next year.

From the look in her eyes I knew this was special for her. I watched her singing and laughing with her best friend that stood up there with her and thought to myself, “There is no place else on Earth she’d rather be right now”. And I think I had a rock star moment of my own there too.

But rock star moments don’t have to be “music related”. They could be as simple as having your first child, finishing an important project at work or school or even helping someone in need. My Dad used to have his rock star moments when he would take an old Mustang that sat around rusting for years and slowly but meticulously piece it together. The look he had when he’d beep the horn out front and we’d rush down to see a car that had sat dead for years now suddenly come back to life is something I’ll never forget.

Sometimes you know about their arrival weeks in advance like I did. Sometimes they are a complete surprise (like the Doobie Brothers video). You may even have had a bunch of them in the past or maybe you feel yours is yet to come. But the point is, they exist and they can happen to you. And you have them for life.

So let’s hear about your Rock Star Moments.