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Interview: Drake Bell discusses his intimate new tour, music

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The one thing you have to admit about singer/guitarist Drake Bell is that his music can’t be pigeonholed. The multi-talented artist has always had a way of showcasing multiple sides of his musical persona. Whether it’s the pop-fueled songs from his days acting on TV’s “Drake & Josh,” to the dynamic, rockabilly-flavor from his 2013 album, Ready, Steady Go!. Or even more recently, like last year’s EP, Honest and his current singles like “Call Me When You’re Lonely” and “First Thing In The Morning.” Bell’s music is ever evolving.

Longtime fans of Drake Bell and his music will be excited to know that the artist is currently embarked on a new U.S. tour (dates are below). A singer-songwriter-formatted style where Bell will crisscross the country with just himself and his guitar. The new tour promises to deliver an intimate look into Bell’s eclectic sound by stripping the music down into its truest form. Combining all the best elements of Bell’s pop, rock and rap into one tasty musical stew, Bell’s set will offer an honest look at the man and his music.

AXS recently spoke with Drake Bell about his new tour, music and more in this exclusive interview.

AXS: What can fans expect from your new tour?

Drake Bell: This is going to be a fun, intimate tour where it’s just me and my guitar getting in touch with fans and seeing the songs broken down into singer-songwriter style. When you do the big shows with a full band it’s not as easy to communicate with the audience or hang out with fans after the show. This is a cool way to get a gauge on what people are digging and to see what songs are working. It’ll be just like being in my living room hanging out.

AXS: What’s your songwriting process like?

DB: It usually starts with a beat or a chord progression or melody. Lyrics are always last for me and they always develop once the melodies are made. As far as what to write about, it’s usually about my experiences in life. Inspiration comes from all over. Songs like “Call Me When You’re Lonely” and “First Thing In The Morning” are explorations into this new sound and are good examples of how eclectic the music is. One day it may be rap, one day it may be pop, one day it may be rock. That’s what’s good about being an independent artist.

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Exclusive: Drake Bell Releases Caravan Palace “Bitchcraft Remix”


Drake Bell certainly wasn’t made for these times. The actor/musician best known for his work as teenage rocker Drake Parker on the Nickelodeon TV show Drake & Josh actually grew up listening to the likes of Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, the Beatles and Stray Cats.

Bell’s new album, Ready Steady Go! pays homage to those roots with a tastefully inspired collection of classic rockabilly favorites as well as Bell’s original songs “Makes Me Happy,” “Give Me A Little More Time” and the insanely catchy “Bitchcraft”.

Bell also continues to prove that good music knows no boundaries. As evidenced by his recent collaboration with the band Caravan Palace for a tasty Electro-swing remix of Bitchcraft, part of this Go Jimmy Go exclusive!

I caught up with Bell and asked him about the remixed version of Bitchcraft and his recent trip to Washington where he advocated for funding for the arts.

How did the collaboration with Caravan Palace come about?

I love Electro swing, which is this new thing that’s coming out of Europe. It’s mixing old Artie Shaw type swing with club remix four on the floor, and Caravan Palace has perfected it. So when the idea came up to make an Electro-swing version of “Bitchcraft”, we reached out to them and they said they’d love to do it.

As a songwriter, were you a little nervous going in?

I’m such a fan of Caravan Palace and was excited to see what they would do with it. Having them do this remix was just incredible.

>>>>>> Listen to the Bitchcraft remix by Clicking Here <<<<<<

How has reaction been to the new album, Ready Steady Go!?

It’s been phenomenal. Going in, it was a risk wondering if people were going to dig it because it was outside of the box. Especially when you consider what’s going on in the music world today. But I’ve been playing shows and doing in-stores where the record is selling so well that it has to be restocked. The thing that’s really cool is that I’ve got kids from 4 years old all the way to 54-year-old adults who are there just to hear the music. There are teenagers, boys, girls, kids who are into One Direction, System of a Down and even hip hop. It’s a universal sound and it’s exciting to be able to expose kids to this great music that they never knew existed.

What can you tell me about your recent trip to Washington, DC?

I work with the Creative Coalition. We’re advocates for funding for the National Endowment For the Arts. There’s a lot going on right now with cutting funding in schools and programs all over and we were there talking to Senators and Governors on Capitol Hill to encourage them to not cut funding for the arts. It’s pretty impossible to get them to add funds, but we’re trying our hardest to prevent them from cutting any more. We had a great group of artists and actors who came in and spoke really passionately and I think some people were moved. We made headway and it was an awesome experience.

Can you give me an update on your tour plans?

I’m going to be going to Mexico in June and then when we come back for the fall (when school comes back), I’m going to do a high school tour around the nation and bring a festival rock show to all of the kids who are dreading going back to school.

Drake Bell (Photo credit: Parker Steele)
Drake Bell (Photo credit: Parker Steele)

Do you ever see yourself working again with Josh Peck and Miranda Cosgrove?

I would love to get “The Beatles” back together [laughs]. I’m always interested in working with Josh and Miranda and everyone else from the show. It was a great franchise and I’m always up for revisiting it. If everyone gets like-minded and it happens organically, that would be awesome.

For more on Drake Bell:

Drake Bell Official Website: drakebell.com
Facebook: facebook.com/bell.drake

Ready Steady Go!: Drake Bell Releases New Rockabilly Album with Brian Setzer

DrakeBellGuitarist Drake Bell wasn’t made for these times.

The actor/musician, best known for his work as teenage rocker Drake Parker on the Nickelodeon TV show Drake & Josh, actually grew up listening to the likes of Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, the Beatles and Stray Cats.

On Bell’s new album, Ready Steady Go!, he pays homage to those roots by teaming with one of his biggest musical influences — Brian Setzer — for a tastefully inspired collection of classic rockabilly favorites and new material.

In addition to Bell’s catchy original, “Bitchcraft” are his take on songs like “Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Queen)”, “Still Rock And Roll To Me (Billy Joel)” and a haunting version of Setzer’s own “I Won’t Stand In Your Way”.

I recently spoke to Bell about Ready Steady Go!, his guitar work and more.

GUITAR WORLD: What made you decided to do a project like this?

This is the music I grew up on. My first guitar was a Gretsch 6120, and I just loved listening to artists like Elvis, Chuck Berry and Stray Cats. But when I wanted to go make records, it was hard. I couldn’t really be on the show [Drake & Josh] and then go in and do a three-piece rockabilly-type record of Fifties music.

How did the collaboration with Brian Setzer come about?

I’ve been a fan of Brian’s for such a long time and had the opportunity to go backstage and meet him from time to time. It got to the point to where I started becoming a familiar face backstage. I still remember when I first presented the idea for this album to him. He was confused at first and said, “Wait a minute — you mean you want to make a rockabilly record?” [laughs]. I said “Yeah, this is what I’ve always wanted to do!”


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