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Interview: Emma Taylor Discusses Her Ethereal New Single, ‘For Forever’

Following the release of her infectious single, “My Dear,” and having taking some time off to finish her education, singer-songwriter Emma Taylor is back with a powerful new track. The ubiquitously-charged, “For Forever.”

The single, inspired from stories the songstress heard from friends about unhappy relationships, is both poignant and poetic. Moreover, it’s a track that, when stripped to its barest of essentials, resonates deep with emotion and energy — both a key to Taylor’s signature sound. At its core, “For Forever” is a song that not only yearns for repeated listenings but also showcases the depth of maturity in Taylor’s vocal and artistic prowess.

I recently spoke with Taylor about the new single, her songwriting and much more in this exclusive new interview.

How did the new single, ‘For Forever’ come about?

Emma Taylor: All my songs have an underlying theme of love, loss and relationships. I love telling stories or taking a small emotion and creating an entire song out of it. I’m at the age where my friends have been dating guys or trying to date guys. Some of them are unhappy but will tell me they’re scared of being alone. I took that idea. It’s a song about being in a toxic relationship with someone but not willing to take the risk of being alone because you’re so used to being comfortable. It’s uncomfortable to have change in your life, and it’s something everyone can relate to. Not just with love but in taking risks in their careers. I drew all those emotions and put it into the song.

What else can you tell me about the writing and recording process?

ET: The basis of the song and the skeleton happened so naturally. Originally, “For Forever” was just a placeholder title. I tried to find different words but I just couldn’t get it out of my head. I remember when I first had the chorus and melody and posted the idea on Instagram. It sounds the same now as it did then. You know a song is going to be digestible if it sounds good with just guitar and vocals. If you can break it down and it still has depth you know it’s going to be special. This is such a deep song and I want people to just listen to the words and story.

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Interview: Singer/Songwriter Emma Taylor discusses her new single, ‘My Dear’

Photo: Tia Elisabeth Glista

Since releasing her debut EP, Hazy, last year, singer/songwriter Emma Taylor’s success and maturity as an artist has grown by leaps and bounds. Songs from the album speak of the challenging transition the beautiful songstress encountered while making the move from the familiar confines of her L.A. home to the hustling vibe of New York. One of the songs from the EP in particular; the appropriately titled, “New Found Sound,” struck a chord with audiences, going from 8,000 streams to more than 55,000 overnight.

Taylor’s new single, the haunting and ethereal “My Dear” marks another new chapter in the singer’s career while continuing her evolution as the consummate artist. Dealing with vulnerability amid torn relationships, Taylor’s message in “My Dear” offers us hope to push past the bad times in order to get to the good.

AXS recently spoke with Emma Taylor about her new single and more in this exclusive new interview.

AXS: How would you describe your style of music?

Emma Taylor: The first thing that comes to mind is that it’s very singer/songwriter. I like to pay homage to my influences with my music and place a lot of emphasis on lyrics. It’s very natural.

AXS: What’s your songwriting process like?

ET: I usually always have a notebook that I carry around with me wherever I go. Throughout the day, whenever I become inspired or ideas pop into my head, I’ll write them down. Other times, if I want to create a full song, I’ll start by writing a guitar melody. Then, I’ll come up with a cool progression for a verse or chorus and go back to my notebook to find an idea that fits within the melody and build it from there.

AXS: What can you tell me about your new single, “My Dear”?

ET: I wrote that song a few months ago when I was over in London. I’ve always been able to draw a lot of inspiration from my surroundings, but living in London was a whole new experience. It was very foreign, so I was already in a vulnerable place. But I was also going through some difficult times in my relationships and wrote the song about what I was going through. It’s a hopeful song, but it’s also a heartbreak song. It’s hopeful because I’m saying that I want this relationship to change. Heartbreak, because the change hasn’t happened yet.

AXS: Have you noticed a maturity in your songwriting since the release of Hazy?

ET: Absolutely. I originally wrote the songs for Hazy about two years ago. Then it took another year to create them into what they eventually became. I’m constantly growing and evolving and each time, the music gets better and better. I’m excited to continue growing my style and my experiences so I’ll have new things to build on.

AXS: What are your current tour plans like?

ET: A big part of artistry is performing, so I try to gig as much as I can. Right now, I’m working on a few dates for April as well as a tour this summer. I’ll be announcing things soon.

AXS: Did you always know that you wanted to have a career in music?

ET: I did. My parents always loved music and artists like Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and Carole King were always playing in my home. I’ve often said that my dad could have been a music executive in another life because he loves talking about it so much. Growing up, I took voice lessons and did theater. Once my parents realized this wasn’t going to be a phase, they were very supportive of my decision.

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