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Bassist Jerry Dixon Talks New Warrant Album, ‘Louder Harder Faster’

Photo by: Stephen Jensen

Since releasing their classic debut album, Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich, in 1989, hard rock giants Warrant have gone on to sell more than 8 million albums.

And while songs like “Down Boys,” “Heaven,” “I Saw Red” and “Cherry Pie” have cemented their place in Eighties metal history, it’s their tight musicianship, inspired songwriting and perseverance that sets them apart.

Six years after the release of their last album, Rockaholic (the first to feature new frontman, Robert Mason), Warrant return with yet another slab of muscular hard rock, Louder Harder Faster, which was released May 12.

Produced by Jeff Pilson (Foreigner, ex-Dokken), the new album is full of the familiar rockers and signature ballads the band is known for. Warrant is Erik Turner (guitar), Jerry Dixon (bass), Joey Allen (guitar), Steven Sweet (drums) and Robert Mason (vocals).

I recently spoke with Dixon about Louder Harder Faster, gear and Warrant’s decision to record a rocking cover of Merle Haggard’s “I Think I’ll Just Stay Here and Drink.”

If you had to describe Louder Harder Faster in one word, what would it be?
Raw. There’s not a lot of repair work on this album or fixing things with ProTools. We all just got in the room and captured the magic without worrying about it being completely perfect. Sometimes when you’re in the studio worrying about wave forms and where they are on a bridge you can actually do damage to a record. We just decided to just say, “Does it feel good? Yeah? Ok, let’s move on.”

Has Warrant’s songwriting process changed much over the years?
I like to think songs just go though you. Sometimes songs can come from just walking down the street, like the song “Big Sandy.” I remember I was going to Robert’s house to write another song when I went by this big empty wash that was called the Big Sandy Wash. It just cracked me up and I said, “There’s a song, right there.” So, you take things like that, get on to something and then try to finish it.

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Guitar World Interview: Warrant Bassist Jerry Dixon Discusses Band’s Legacy and Summer Plans

From his early days playing the LA club circuit, bassist Jerry Dixon saw something in a young up and coming band that piqued his interest. A late night discussion with the band’s guitarist, Erik Turner would soon begin a partnership that planted the seed for one of the most successful hair metal bands of all time. With the arrivals of Joey Allen (guitars), Steven Sweet (drums) and the amazing singer/songwriter Jani Lane, Warrant was soon on the road to stardom.

Having been through many trials and tribulations over the years (most notably, the on again/off again relationship with the Lane, who passed away in 2011), the band has persevered by adding vocalist Robert Mason (Lynch Mob) to the mix in 2008 and released 2011’s Rockaholic, an album on which Dixon summed up his experiences best with the track, “Life’s A Song”.


Twenty five years after those early recording sessions for what became the band’s debut album, “Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich”, Warrant continues to make music and tour to fans that simply can’t get enough of their melodic, in your face anthemic rock.

Warrant is:  Jerry Dixon (bass), Robert Mason (vocals), Joey Allen (guitars), Erik Turner (guitars) and Steven Sweet (drums).

I spoke with Dixon about the early days of Warrant as well as what the band has planned for the summer. Check out the Guitar World Interview here.