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Rick Wakeman reflects on his time with Yes and playing with David Bowie as he prepares for Wind Creek performance

With more than 50 million albums sold and having an enviable reputation as both an artist and for his wit and raconteur, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Rick Wakeman should delight his fans when he performs “An Evening With Rick Wakeman: His Music And Stories” at the Wind Creek Event Center on Thursday.

The one-man event gives Wakeman the opportunity to perform selections from his vast 50-plus-year musical catalog as well as share anecdotes from his early days as a session player right up to the present day. Included will be selections from Wakeman’s time arranging and performing keyboards on hits like David Bowie’s Life On Mars, as well as his groundbreaking stint with the progressive rock band Yes, and his own multi-platinum solo albums.

An Evening with Rick Wakeman: His Music and Stories promises to be a show filled with musical memories and riotous reflection from a true rock legend.

I recently spoke with Rick Wakeman about his plans for his Wind Creek performance and more in this exclusive interview.

What do you enjoy most about these one-man shows as opposed to performing in a group ensemble?

Rick Wakeman: I don’t really prefer one over the other, I do shows with orchestras, band shows, band shows with orchestras and even one-man and two-man shows with my son, Adam. They’re all different and I love them all. I think the reason why is because I’m not doing the same thing all the time. I’m a people person and it’s great to just be in a room with a lot of people and playing away.

What can fans expect from your upcoming performance at Wind Creek Event Center?

Wakeman: It’s a one-man show where it’s just me, a piano, a couple of keyboards and a microphone. I’ll play music from all the eras I’ve been involved with in my life and the people I’ve played with, such as David Bowie, Cat Stevens, Yes [obviously], some of my own stuff, and a few surprises. In between, I’ll tell ludicrous stories. Some of which, possibly, have some resemblance of truth to them. You never know.

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