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Interview: Kristian Bush Discusses His New ‘Geeking Out’ Podcast and Sugarland Reunion

Kristian Bush, Wheelhouse Records’ recording artist and one half of the Grammy-winning duo, Sugarland with Jennifer Nettles, is celebrating the geek in all of us with his new 12-episode podcast appropriately called, “Geeking Out! With Kristian Bush”.

In each episode, Bush sits down with a guest to talk about something they’re obsessed about that has nothing to do with their job. Along the way, Bush also shares an artist, song, or album that’s got him “geeking out.”

The first episode features Bush’s friend and label-mate, Granger Smith, discussing his new favorite hobby: beekeeping. Future guests include Academy Award-winning screenwriter and Nashville creator Callie Khouri; actress, producer and songwriter Rita Wilson; “Jean-Claude Van Johnson” star Kat Foster and country music journalist, Hunter Kelly.

“Geeking Out! With Kristian Bush” is available for download on all podcast platforms.

AXS recently spoke with Kristian Bush about “Geeking Out”, the upcoming Sugarland reunion tour, new music and more in this exclusive interview.

AXS: Where did the idea to do a podcast originate?

Kristian Bush: My friend, Bobby Bones, was the one who originally asked me about doing it. He’s been passionate about podcasts and the things he was discovering with them. When Bobby approached me about doing one, I initially thought it would be about music, but he I could talk about whatever I wanted. So, I brought him back a few ideas and this was the one we both agreed was the most interesting and sustainable. What’s fun about “Geeking Out” is that it’s based on creating a good boundary, and that boundary is, tell me one thing that you’re obsessed with that has nothing to do with your job. It’s amazing to listen to people talk about the things they’re passionate about.

AXS: How much time goes into putting an episode together?

KB: It sounds like someone just hits record and we’re off [laughs], but there’s actually a lot of time and production that goes into it. The idea is to collect as much material as you can and then shrink it down, but always respecting your listener and making it the best story it can be.

AXS: What can fans expect from future episodes of “Geeking Out! With Kristian Bush”?

KB: One episode ended up being about rotating restaurants at the top of Hyatt Regency’s around America. Another is about Brazilian Jujitsu. A third ended up being about a person who’s obsessed with Billy Joel and becoming the biggest Billy Joel fan on the planet. It’s going to be exciting for people to discover what some of these guests are geeking out about.

AXS: Let’s switch gears and talk a little about Sugarland. What prompted the band’s recent reunion, new single and upcoming tour?

KB: The hiatus was always based on a question of timing and the things Jennifer wanted to do. She wanted to start a family, have a child and a solo career. When I got a call, the first thing for us to do was get back in the ring and see what we could do. We wound up walking into the room together and thirty-five minutes later, we wrote the song, “Still The Same”.

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