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Ten Things I Think

For what it’s worth, here are ten things I think. You may agree or disagree and that’s cool. I’m just glad you gave it a read.

10. Osama Bin Laden is Dead. Almost ten years to the date of the worst terrorist attack we’ve ever known. We should be proud as Americans that he is finally dead. But ineveitably, instead of giving praise to the President, we have some politicians and media whores spinning this with conspiracy. Any way to make President Obama look bad and raise their political clout.

Before you paint me as a bleeding heart liberal or some other nonsense please understand that I’m not taking sides.  The fact is we actually had democrats and republicans unified in saying it was a great thing he was finally brought to justice. It kind of reminded me of the early days after 9/11 when we all rallied around President Bush.

But in this case  it wasn’t a even a day later and we went right back to politics as usual with republicans trying to heap all the praise on Bush and bitching about Obama like nothing ever happened.

Sadly, had this exact same thing happened three years ago when President Bush were still in office the Democrats would have done exactly the same. Both sides rally for their side and vilify the other no matter how good.

My point: Don’t listen to anything any of them say. Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party, whatever. Do your own research and make up your own mind. This goes especially for when you VOTE!

9. I know that if I ever get pulled over for running a stop sign and they found a bag of weed in my car I’d go immediately to the clink for weeks. So I really wanna know why Lindsay Lohan can drag out a simple theft trial forever.

8. Don’t ever tell me there’s no favoritism in the US Justice System. A few weeks ago a judge ruled the NFL lockout is not valid. However; the NFL appealed to a more “Business Friendly” appeals court (everyone in the media even trumpeted this fact about it). Sure enough, a day later the appeals court put the previous decision on hold. What the Fu$K is that all about?

7. And speaking of #8: How come some justice trials can be delayed and delayed for YEARS but the NFL work stoppage issue can be ruled upon almost immediately?

6. Arnold…Arnold…Arnold…I wonder how the bodybuilding magazines will spin this one so he doesn’t look like a piece of shit.

5. I spent a ton of money on just labor to have my kitchen remodeled these past two weeks. I’m looking at the finished product with admiration at all the work I was spared of doing. I figure I get to enjoy it at least four months earlier then if I done the work myself. And it feels SO good!

4. American Idol will crown a winner next week. I’m guessing it’s going to be that dude with the deep voice. The voting block of Idol is all young females so it makes perfect sense. Those girls aren’t going to vote for a girl. But here’s my prediction for the future: None of these people you’ve wasted your time listening to and voting for since January will be doing music in ten years.

3. People made fun of Steven Tyler for being a judge on Idol. Especially the tried and true metal heads. The fact of the matter is he’s a genius who just rebuilt his brand. He’s got a whole new generation of people to peddle his book to and that will surely come see him in concert when Aerosmith gets back together. Brilliant.

2.  I’m supposed to go to Saratoga Springs New York on Tuesday for a three day conference. I’m not looking forward to the four hour drive. But I may get out of it because of #1.

1. We already know all about when American Idol tryouts for 2012 are and the new lineup for the fall television season. Can someone please explain to me why the end of the world is tomorrow but I only found out about it last week? Where are our priorities?