Kimball-Jamison: A Melodic Rock Masterpiece

I  still remember it like it was yesterday. I was a teenage boy in 1984 perusing the twenty or so television channels and stumbled upon the then fledgling MTV. That’s when I first saw the video for “I Can’t Hold Back”. It was the first single from Survivor’s Vital Signs album and the first time I ever heard Jimi Jamison, a man I proclaim has the best voice in rock.

I begged my parents to buy me that record. The very first one I ever purchased. One I subsequently wore out and to this day now adorns a spot prominently on my office wall.

I’ve been an avid follower of Jimi’s career ever since. From Survivor to Baywatch to Empires and pretty much everything in between. Every song bringing me back to those carefree days of youth. I still remember walking to class on my college campus blasting “Desperate Dreams” and “Didn’t Know It Was Love” from Survivor’s “Too Hot To Sleep” album on my Sony Walkman, a brick compared to what’s available these days.

Similarly, Bobby Kimball’s vocals abound all over my youth. From Toto’s biggest hits including “Hold The Line” and “Rosanna”, his vocals also hold a special place in my own personal musical journey.

Combine these two forces together and you get Kimball-Jamison, a Mat Sinner produced album featuring twelve new tracks from two of the greatest vocalists in rock.

From the soaring vocals and guitars of the intro Worth Fighting For to the angelic sound of Your Photograph, this CD has everything the melodic rock fan could want.

“It’s my heart you’re breaking. It’s my soul you tear apart.” Worth Fighting For

I have to say that there’s really something special when you listen to this record. Something that I’ve found to have previously been lacking in music that’s synthetically released to the masses these days: great songwriting and musicianship. In a world where the robot voice and auto-tune has become the norm it’s refreshing to hear true vocalists do what they do best: sing great songs.

Any fan of  70’s and 80’s bands can appreciate the influences on this record. Forget Kevin Bacon. Within one degree of Kimball-Jamison you get contributions from: Ides of March, Survivor, Toto, Mister-Mister, Cobra, The Baby’s, Bad English and more.

“We won’t get far pretending in this house of cards.”
“Can’t Wait For Love

Included with the CD is a DVD containing a thirty minute “making of” documentary as well as video clips for the songs Worth Fighting For and Can’t Wait For Love.

You may not find me trolling college campuses these days but this album will surely find a place on my i-Pod. And if you’re a fan of melodic rock like I am, I suggest it be on yours as well.

Track Listing:

· Worth Fighting For
· Can’t Wait For Love
· Sail Away
· Chasing Euphoria
· Find Another Way
· Get Back In The Game
· I Did Everything Wrong
· Shadows Of Love
· Hearts Beat Again
· We Gotta Believe
· Kicking And Screaming
· Your Photograph


Lead & Background Vocals: Bobby Kimball & Jimi Jamison
Guitars: Alex Beyrodt
Bass Guitar: Mat Sinner
Keyboards: Jimmy Kresic
Drums & Percussion: Martin Schmidt

8 thoughts on “Kimball-Jamison: A Melodic Rock Masterpiece”

    1. Trust me, give a listen to this CD and you’ll be back there. There’s so much good NEW music out there by artists from the 80’s that never get airplay. It’s really sad.

    1. Jimi Jamison has the best voice in rock as far as I’m concerned. The guy sounds exactly the same. Give a listen to Worth Fighting For…

    1. That was the beauty of the 80’s. There was so much to choose from and everyone had their own style. Unlike today where artists are pretty much the same one trick pony.

    1. You hit it right on. When Seconds Count was a great record. And you’re also right about the gadgets. I bet these guys went into the studio and did each song in probably three takes. Survivor is going to put a new CD out next year with Jimi on vocals. Can’t wait.

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