Analysis of a Dream

I need your help faithful readers on a matter of utter importance. Every so often I have this recurring theme in a dream at night and I need someone to tell me what it’s all about. I’m not going to bore you with long diatribes of what I ate or watched on television the night before because that can change.

Obviously I’m not going to tell you the one about Jenny McCarthy but here was another one of my dreams from last night:

It’s a slightly overcast day and I seem to be driving in the city somewhere. The setting looks familiar to me. As if I’ve been here before. In my dream I am the owner of a brand new red Ford Mustang and park it in a parking lot outside of a hotel I appear to be staying at. Why I am alone at a hotel is beyond me. Maybe I’m on vacation or something. In any case, I get out of the car and go about my business walking around and checking out the surroundings which appear familiar to me. I make chit-chat with some of the people I encounter. What the topic is I can’t remember.

Everything is going great but at some point I start to realize that I should probably head out because I have to be somewhere in a few hours and don’t want to be late. And here’s where the problem sets in.

The beautiful red Mustang I drove in and parked all of a sudden is nowhere to be seen. I’m confident I am in the area where I parked it but it’s not there. I almost immediately start to second guess where I parked the car but reassure myself that this was indeed where I left it. There are miles of cars everywhere in the parking lot but my car is not there.

I start strolling the lot looking for my car and soon panic starts to set in because I suddenly realize I need to be somewhere and now I’m going to be late. I’m not even sure exactly what it is I need to get to. Home? Work? An airline flight? What ever it is, I just know I need to get there and time is running out.

In my dream I’m sophisticated enough to attempt to use my key fob to try to locate the car but without success. No beeping and flashing lights…the pretty red Mustang is gone. And I never once think the car was stolen or towed away. Nope, I place the blame for its disappearance squarely on myself. My feeling is that the car is there. I just do not know where it is. And the search goes on. And on. And on.

Needless to say I wake up from the dream with my head pounding and completely exhausted. I never found the car and have missed whatever it was I needed to get to.

So can any of you psychologists, mediums and dream readers please interpret this dream for me?

Here are two pieces of information that may help with your analysis:

1. The Ford Mustang is my favorite car. Although if given the option I’d much prefer blue over the red but I did own a red convertible at one point.

2. I have no vacation planned at this time and no hotel reservations have been made. There is no sense of urgency on my part.

What’s strange is that the theme of me having something and then misplacing it seems to recur quite a bit in my evening slumber. It literally feels like I spend hours searching for something that deep down I know I’ll never find.

Looking forward to hearing your comments. Until then, it’s two Advil and more coffee. It’s going to be a long day.

4 thoughts on “Analysis of a Dream”

  1. Alright then. I can only say that from what I know if psych (which is way more than most) etc is that this dream could have numerous meanings. This is my thought.
    The car could be a symbol of something (or someone) you cherish (or cherished) and lost or may loose later. Something that you had your heart set on but for some reason had it stripped away from you before you could finish your journey in it’s entirety.
    The anxiety of needing to be somewhere could go along with my theory. Knowing you have to get somewhere could be just you needing to get back that cherished thing/moment/someone. It could mean that in your misplacing you car that you have misplaced something far more important and know you need to get to it.
    Okay, that’s it from me. I could probably expand more as I have an expansive psychological background. But I will leave you with that.
    By the way…dreams about Jenny, they are a no brainer. 😉
    ~Sheila (@GoddezzSheila)

  2. Wow…That’s a lot of info to dissect.. Thanks!. Not sure how much of it pertains to me tho. Of course it could have been the Taco Bell I had last night that I failed to mention… haha.

  3. The “classic” dream interp. of losing your beloved car relates to losing your identity, or that you’ve lost your way in life. If you feel a need to set a new goal for yourself, go for it!

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