Today’s Headlines – Dec 3, 2011

If it’s Saturday morning and nothing else is going on you know it’s time for Today’s Headlines. This is where I  post actual top story headlines from reputable “Top News” websites and give you my take on them.


I always find it funny how these news organizations choose their “Top Stories”.  I mean, who decides why stories about Lindsay Lohan going to rehab take precedence over mass killings in the Middle East?

All of the headlines that follow were all emblazoned in bold when I saw them on the actual website and deal with topics considered to be the most important things you need to know. Things that without such knowledge of you would be in danger of ignorance.

Have a Great Day!


George Mcgovern Hospitalized
Is that guy still alive? I thought he died right after Nixon resigned.

Jobless Rate Falls to 8.6%
“Falls” to 8.6%? Ok, maybe this headline’s relevant but how about this next one:

Authorities Take Custody of Singer McCready’s Son
We have out of control unemployment, an economy in shambles with a dangerously teeter-tottering stock market and they’re more concerned about a country singer who hasn’t been relevant in 15 years losing custody of her son because she’s a train wreck.

Megachurch Pastor’s Wife Says Divorce is On Again
This is news? And why is it ‘on’ again all of a sudden?


U.S. Judge Rejects Apple Bid to Halt Galaxy Sales:
Damn, I knew Steve Jobs had a lot of money but I didn’t know he owned a whole bunch of actual galaxies. That’s impressive. I knew I should have bought some stock back in the day. I’d probably be blogging from the moon right about now.

And finally:

From FoxNews.Com:

Sandusky: I Never Spoke To Joe (Paterno) About Allegations: Former Penn State coach reportedly says Joe Paterno never asked him about alleged molestation incidents.

Yep, that one I can believe.

3 thoughts on “Today’s Headlines – Dec 3, 2011”

  1. I think you missed a big story from last week. An 84-year-old woman was strip-searched by the TSA at JFK Airport in New York. If I recall the story correctly, before she was to board her flight, she was overheard saying to her daughter-in-law that she was going to make an Afghan on the plane. Aren’t we at war with them? The TSA agent was interviewed by a television reporter. The TSA agent was quoted as saying, “Once we got her undressed, we were absolutely alarmed and quite disturbed by what we saw. We immediately told her to put her close back on.” My opinion is that strip-searching elderly woman puts a new ‘wrinkle’ in our war on terror.

    1. How could I have missed that one? I swear there is an endless amount of material on those sites. How they must choose which ones get the high priority is intriguing. Here’s a top one on Yahoo right now: A bulldozer and excavator: Man creates sandbox for grownups.

  2. I did see that. I think its in Vegas, or at least they were building something like it there. See, if we just take all of the things we had (and did) when we were kids, that we loved, and brought them to an adult-oriented concept and venue, we’d be rich. Think about it; the culmination of every “I wish I thought of that…”

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